You Can’t Fake Chanel

‘Fake it ‘till you make it.’ A standard bit of advice that every woman has heard before. In fact, Coco Chanel herself probably did a lot of ‘faking it’ in order to establish her renowned fashion brand. Whilst this piece of advice generally does well in terms of achieving career goals, when it comes to investing in fashion it’s way off the mark.

The fashion industry is lavished with luxury designer brands. The difference between high street and designer? The quality of the material, the attention to detail and design. Not to mention the way it makes you feel; quality talks. Unfortunately, designer brands are often convincingly replicated and consumers are fooled into paying for their favourite luxury fashion items only to be left bitterly disappointed.

When it comes to buying Chanel sunglasses only the real thing will do. Fake it and everyone will know eventually. No counterfeiters can make an exact copy of genuine Chanel Sunglasses but they will never include all of the true details. Here’s our top tips that will make sure that you’re not a faker’s fashion victim.


  1. Chanel etching

All authentic Chanel sunglasses will have ‘Chanel’ etched onto the nose bridge or on the lens. Attention should be paid to the size and font or the wording. Painted logos are definitely fake. Genuine etching is clean, high quality and slightly raised. Check also for a circular logo (the two interlocking C’s) next to the ‘C’ and the ‘L’

  1. The weight

Chanel sunglasses are heavy for their size due to the material that the lenses are made from. So if the shades you have feel lightweight then they’re probably not the real deal.

  1. The packaging

If you’ve chosen to invest in a pair of Chanel’s then the seller shouldn’t just take your money and hand over a pair of glasses. You should take away a neatly packaged retail box that is branded with the Chanel logo- one that is officially used by the company. The packaging is sturdy and sleek. Be wary that counterfeit glasses could be sold with genuine packaging- it’s much easier to get hold of. Also keep an eye out for the Chanel certification.


  1. Carry case and dust cloth

All Chanel sunglasses are accompanied by a carry case and a dust cloth, both complete with logo. Check the carry case logo for low quality dye- they sometimes smell like gasoline odour. Fake logos can also be rubbed away easily.

  1. Serial number

New Chanel Sunglasses feature a serial number etched into the right lens. The code consists of letters and numbers with no spaces in between. The etching should also be clear and straight.

  1. The model number

Inside the left arm of the frame Chanel sunglasses feature the model number and sizing details. The model number (which usually consist of 4 digits) is followed by the colour code (usually 3-4 digits). A lower case ‘c’ is featured after the colour code and the frame measurement is also included (3-4 digits followed by 1-2 more digits and/or letters.

  1. Guarantee card

New Chanel sunglasses are accompanied by a Chanel guarantee card and booklet, offering details about the glasses and the retailer.


  1. Download the app

Faced with an online seller that you’re not sure is genuine? Don’t panic. You can use the youVerify app. This smartphone application helps online sellers verify themselves and their products, simply ask the seller to use the youVerify app before purchase. The apps enables online buyers to shop with more confidence.

  1. Check where it’s made

A key thing to remember is that luxury brands are rarely ‘Made in China.’ Chanel Sunglasses are made in Italy. On the right arm of the frame real Chanel sunglasses with feature ‘Made in Italy’ followed by ‘CE’ which signifies that they conform to European trading laws.

  1. Pay the price for quality

Luxury designer items will cost you money. Don’t get pulled into big discounts and money saving deals online. If you’re going to pull off Chanel do it properly.

Thankfully the keen detail in which Chanel designs their frames means that there is plenty of warning signs that customers can look out for. A true lover of Chanel will instantly be able to tell the difference between the genuine article and a fake- whether you’re buying sunglasses of a pair of Chanel Prescription Glasses.

Remember, Chanel makes you feel good.

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