There are a few general rules for work wear or office dressing. What’s acceptable in one place is a complete no-no in other. Different environments call for different ensembles, and if you’re new to the corporate world, it can get intimidating.

Committing a fashion faux pas in the office is a legitimate offense, and the fashion police, aka Human Resources are quick to blow the whistle. Even if you aren’t pulled up, wearing the wrong threads could distort your image as a valued employee and curb your chances of getting ahead.

In this blog post, we’re telling you how to “Dress for Success” and mean it, especially when you’re donning dresses.


Neutrals – You don’t have to stick to black, navy and gray dresses at work. Think neutrals like ivory, blush, browns and mauve that keep you from looking too bright. You can layer on with a light blazer should the need arise. A dress that has the upper half in one colour and the lower half in clean grey or light blue stripes can make you stand out in all the right ways.

Pops Of Colour – You can totally have fun with dresses for women at work by adding pops of colour in your accessories. A lime green pencil dress with a pink necklace and matching shoes looks young and fresh. Another lovely idea is a black and white striped bust and elbow-length sleeves with a wide pleated knee length black skirt. Pastel yellow heels and a necklace looks office-appropriate glam!

Florals – Florals are summer staples, and with options ranging from subtle to bright, they’re incredibly easy to work into your office attire. Keep your attire relatively neutral with accents like white elbow cuffs and a closed white collar while the rest of your dress is light chiffon. Invest in a floral blazer to wear over a plain coloured dress to give it new life.


Bold Patterns – If you find floral too tame, experiment with bright prints. Tribals, Geometric, Gingham and Abstract prints are work appropriate. Make sure you keep the silhouette of your dress classic (like a shift or pencil dress) Buy dresses online that have the top half in a neutral or dark shade with the skirt in a print of your choice. You can use chunky neckpieces to add some edge.

Mix Patterns – There’s nothing that can multiply your outfit choices faster than pattern mixing. The easiest ones are stripes and floral. Once you get the hang of it, you can try other prints like paisley, polka dots and tribal prints. A polka dotted shirt with folded sleeves and a slightly flared floral skirt in a darker shade of the same color

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