Which are the 7 best watch brands in India

Nowadays people in India have become brand conscious. Customers need satisfaction from the product they buy, so they choose only the trustworthy brand. A particular brand can save their decision making time. Expensive branded watches are in great demand all over the world. The culture and the history behind the brand make them famous. There are enthusiastic watch collectors that make a particular brand in high demand. There might be watches of high quality, but people tend to choose branded watches because they make a statement in the society. Here are given 7 best watch brands in India.


  1. Rolex

Rolex belongs to the luxury watch segment and they offer wrist watch with unique combination, design, elegance and beauty. They are the most expensive brands in the world. People, who can afford a Rolex, only consider buying them.

  1. Omega

The unique technology makes the brand Omega popular in India. Their innovative designs have attracted many people’s hearts in India. Omega is one of the best watch brand in India that can work in zero gravity.

  1. Titan

Titan is also a popular watch manufacturer that offers various models in different price range. They own other brands like Sonata and Fastrack.

  1. Timex

Timex is a brand popular for manufacturing digital watches. Their watches are of high end Italian designs. They offer only quality products to customers and they have a varied line of watches that fits in every one’s budget.

  1. Citizen

The Citizen is a well known brand and quite popular in India. Their wrist watches have achieved success in Indian market. They combine innovative ideas with latest technology.

  1. Casio

Casio is a brand preferred by Indians. It is one of the most trusted watch brands among men and women. They are famous for making wristwatches.

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