What Does Your Lipstick Colour Say About You?

Lipstick is an essential makeup item for almost every woman out there. Not only is applying lipstick a way to look flawless, but the colour of lipstick a woman chooses can show her personality, her attitude and even her career aspirations! Whether a woman decides to wear reds, pinks, orange, brown or taupe, or purple/mauve shades of makeup, they all have an unspoken message that is being broadcasted to all people whom the woman comes into contact with each day.

Red Shades of Lipstick

Not every woman will feel comfortable wearing a bold red lipstick colour, and for good reason. When people see red lipstick, they see passion, sex appeal and other provocative emotions. For women who wear this colour, they are going to appear confident and outgoing. The wearer is not going to easily back down from a challenge, and you will go after what you want, no matter what.  They are often teamed to have career aspirations of leading and management.

Pink Lipstick Colours

Pink is a derivative colour of red, thus there are some similarities in those who wear pinks and reds lip colour. Those who wear pink are often seen as tender, a small amount of innocence, coupled with some plucky attitudes that are hidden below the surface. Those who wear pink makeup are often in awe of the beauty around them, and true believers of love. These women are often categorised as having career aspirations that put them in the position to lead in small ways.

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Orange Lipstick Shades

Orange shades of lipsticks give off the appeal of being warm and having a genuine attitude that you put out to the world. Those who wear orange shades of lipstick are often perceived as being warm and caring, and having an understanding of those who are around them.  For those who wear this colour of makeup, they are going to find that their career aspirations are often associated with those who are in the counselling or human resources area of business. Due to their natural warmth, these attitudes are best utilised in a way in which they can help others.

Brown or Taupe Shades of Lipstick

Lipstick that comes in brown or taupe shades are often worn by those who are considered orderly individuals. These women are often looked at as being wholesome, comfortable with who they are, genuine, dependable, and have a positive outlook on life. For these women, they are viewed as not being very outgoing, but due to their dependability have career aspirations that any employer is going to love to have on board.

Purple and Mauve Lipstick Colours

These types of colours in lipstick often showcase an attitude of power. They also showcase a regal personality that is combined with a little mystery. Such shades of makeup are considered romantic and very feminine. The wearers are often those who are considered confident and strong. Much like women who wear red lipsticks, these women are often deemed natural born leaders because they lead with their sophistication and natural power.

For women who have a variety of lipstick colours, she may find that she wears what works best with her outfit for that day. However, always remember that your lipstick is shouting to others your attitude and personality. The Make Up Box Shop has just the makeup cases and carousels that you need to ensure that your lipstick stays in pristine order and you can find whatever colour of lipstick you need for the day to display your emotions or lack of emotions.

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