What Does Your Jewellery Say About You?

Have you ever wondered what your jewellery says to the world about your personality? Of course, you can’t learn everything about someone by observing their jewellery – but you can figure out quite a bit.

Let’s take a look at some of the common types of jewellery and see what they say about the wearer. These are just a few of the types of jewellery we see every day – what do they say about the type of person who is wearing them?

Charm Bracelet – You are Sentimental

If you are the type to wear Chlobo charm bracelets, you might be the nostalgic and sentimental type. After all, charms are usually chosen to represent different things such as your beloved pet, the initials of your children, your favourite hobby, your favourite travel destination or an important moment in your life. If you have a charm bracelet it can be a visual representation of many different things that are important to you. You might also be the type to collect ticket stubs from concerts, keep a journal or a scrapbook and like to look back through old photos.

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Multiple Stacked Bangles and Fabric Bracelets– You are a Freewheeling Hippie

If you are rocking this look, along with anklets, Chlobo Boho jewellery, toe rings, a long flowing dress and loose beachy curls – you are probably the carefree hippie type. You prefer to be barefoot whenever possible, you use coconut oil to moisturise your skin because it’s all natural, you love to do yoga and you might be a vegetarian. You’re usually pretty calm and centred, but you get passionate about things that really excite you such as poetry readings or organic almond butter.

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Diamond Stud Earrings – You are Classy

Diamond stud earrings and a simple necklace is the little black dress of jewellery – the classy and timeless look that goes with anything and always appears put-together and elegant. If you have this sophisticated look nailed down you probably are impeccably dressed and well-mannered. You have a certain old fashioned charm and you move with grace and elegance. You always know how to dress and behave in a situation so that everyone is put at ease and is in awe of your charm.

Bright Costume Jewellery – You are Lively and Fun

If you are the type to wear big and bold costume jewellery you love to make an impression and be the life of the party. Costume jewellery is inexpensive and ephemeral, so you can switch it up quite often and wear many different styles. You love to experiment with fashion and you might also be the type to wear bright, unusual clothes or dye your hair. Have fun with your look and change it up often – your appearance can be a very fun way to express yourself.

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Edgy Punk Jewellery – You Are Confident and Tough

If you love to wear thick chain necklaces, leather cuffs and studded chokers you are probably the type who likes heavy metal and punk music and the styles that go along with it. You like to challenge authority and think outside the box and you’ve never been one to go along with the mainstream. You might be a little bit crass and mischievous sometimes, but you are strong, intelligent and confident and you really know how to have a good time.

Sporty Jewellery – You Lead an Active Lifestyle

If you wear jewellery that is sporty, simple and practical, it is likely that you lead a very active lifestyle. You need jewellery that can keep up with you and that will be comfortable. For example, the tennis bracelet is a style that was developed with this very lifestyle in mind. If you wear necklaces they will be small and simple and if you wear earrings they will be studs rather than long dangling ones. Keep it basic and sporty so that it won’t get in your way when you are hiking, running, kayaking, skiing or enjoying any other active sport.

These are just a few of the many different types of jewellery we see on a regular basis and what they say about the person wearing them. Of course, everyone is different and these are just stereotypes – but every stereotype has a big of truth to it!

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