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The wedding is the most important and exciting day both for the bride and for the groom. Thousands of different articles and tips were written about wedding hairstyles for women, but what about strong half of humanity? Let’s talk about men and their wedding haircuts. Everyone wants to look good on wedding photos, so you should spend some time on your hair, because getting a haircut for your wedding day takes a bit more time than a usual one. If you are in a loss, Chelsea Barbers NYC will help you to define basic hair tips for the perfect wedding.

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#1 Find the best cut

Wedding is considered to be a formal event, so it is better to choose a formal haircut. Afro and colorful bands are not the best decisions for the groom. If you wear some short, clean cut in your everyday life, you have no need to change it. Just add a little bit of styling, and it will be enough.
Opt a cut, which you won’t be embarrassed to show to your kids after 40 years. In general, the main rule here is not to try anything extreme and extraordinary; seriously, wedding is not the best time for experiments.

#2 Define the place

If you have one and only barber you love, there is no need to search for someone else for having a wedding hairstyle. Just make an appointment at your barbershop and discuss your style with the barber. You can be sure; he will make the best out your hair! Be ready, it will take a little more money than usual, but you have probably understood wedding is a huge black hole.
Remember, one of the easiest way to find your perfect haircut is to ask your relatives!

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#3 Schedule a time

Now, we have already answered questions what and where, only when remains! Never get your haircut the day before or the day of the wedding.  Fresh haircuts seldom look charming. Moreover, if it doesn’t look as you wanted, you are supposed to have some time in stock to fix everything. Your hair needs a couple of days to settle down and adjust to a new cut. The best option is to cut your hair one week before the wedding day.

Now, you know how you can get the perfect look on your wedding day.  Use our tips, and you will never forget this day. Chelsea Barbers NYC know their onions, so they will take care of you like nobody else.

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