Use beads to style your hair uniquely

Hair styling is quite a personal thing and everyone likes to get their hair styled according to their taste and preference. There are different types of hair styling techniques that use different and most unique materials to style the hair and make them look almost different and attractive with a touch of creativity. One such hair styling technique is through using beads of different shapes and colors. A bead is a round shaped small material with a hole that is used in most parts of the world to give hair a different and attractive styling.


Styling your hair with the help of beads is quite suitable and can give a different look to the hair and also provides hair extension benefits. Some of the popular types of beads are given below-

  • Grooved bead – A grooved bead is quite attractive and is made up of aluminum material. The grooves are present in small size inside the body of the bead and create an interlocking design that helps the hair to form a hairstyle that is tight and secure. The hair does not slip and every strand of hair is well separated from each other giving a perfect look.
  • Silicone bead – This one is quite perfect and is the most popular one, a silicon bead is light weight soft, gentle and almost a perfect one. This bead holds the hair perfectly and does not result in any slippage of the hair. Silicone beads are quite suitable and can be used to create different hair styles with the help of hair extending tools.
  • Flare beads – This one is the thinnest and longest of all and is used to style the hair through elongation technique. A flare bead is quite suitable and provides perfect grip to the hair and can be availed in different colors to style the hair in the most attractive manner.

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