Now everyone is just thinking about summer, about sea, about fashionable swimwear for girls, but I know that you can’t wait for the new trends for the next seasons because you want to know them right now. I’m going to start with fashion and then I’ll tell also about accessories. So let’s start immediately with the first trend.

Let’s name the first trend “hard plus soft” because it is the trend about mixing materials that don’t actually belong together. So how to do this trend: you can try to wear a soft cotton dress and layer it with a hard leather crop top and massive boots.

The second trend that is quite popular till spring 2016 is cold shoulders. But for the fall and winter is will be a bit strange, so designers reminded about that big shoulders in jackets and cardigans like our mothers have wore in their youth. So that trend tells to add volume around your neck and around your shoulders. It can be the collar, the fur element or shoulder pads.

fashion trend 2

The next trend is about the overall silhouettes. So it can be a maxi dress, maxi skirt, the longer it will be – the better. Knitted dresses will be on top, you can add some leather belt or another designer element to show your waist and make the look like more entire. Add to this look heavy flat boots and you will look like a model from SS2016-2017.

One more trend will be ruffles. But they will be heavier, darker, harder, more visible. Ruffles is actually a very easy trend to wear, I’m sure you will find a lot of different ruffled pieces in mass market stores this august.

Moving to the accessories now we will talk about the new jewelry. I love the direction that it is taking, it tells that bigger is better. Yes, finally. Earrings should really touch your shoulders! Choker necklaces will be half a high of your actual neck, just imagine how big they are. So I’m sure you will find plenty of jewelry like that very soon. Look for better brands because this jewelry has to look chic, not cheap. It will serve longer, it will look better, it is just my small advice.

Now shoes and bags. This is my favorite category because I/m a really great lover of footwear and different bags and backpacks. Almost at all runways shoes were pointy-pointy and they included metallic pieces. Bags on the other hand are changing shapes. They are more close to a square now and its size is smaller. Then you can really go for more bright colors wearing it together with a dark outfit.

I really hope you have found this article useful and you will be the most stylish girl this autumn and winter!


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