Trending dresses that can add up to your looks

The women these days can compromise on anything but when it comes to the fashion they are just not ready to compromise on their favorite styles. It is a well known fact that the women are crazy about the fashion styles and they can do anything to look special and gorgeous. A smart way though for you as  a women is to opt for the latest Melrose Girl edgy and fun fashion style that are designed to keep up with the fashion charts of modern day women.

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The range is full of modern and contemporary designs that will blow up your mind. Here is just a look at some of the finest dresses that you can don to improve upon your looks and appearance:

Asymmetrical Tops:

Asymmetrical tops are one of the most trending women apparels because of its eye-catching looks. Deemed as the most appropriate summer apparel, you can add more class to it by getting a shrug over the top that complements it.

If you want to look a bit unique, going for the Mocha color will be ideal and pair it up with a pencil skirt or leather pants.


School Style Skirts:

If you haven’t come over your school days and still want to dress up like a school girl, then this one is the ideal bottom wear for you. The dress is specially designed keeping in mind the trend that is running in schools these days. It is specially a very good apparel to wear in school reunions to have the same feel. It is fitted with buttons that makes it more durable and compact. You can pair it up with a school style shirt or a bikini that is complemented by tie or any other neck accessory which would ameliorate your looks in a very big manner.

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