Tips for Saving Money on Your Wardrobe

If you’re like a majority of Americans, you probably went overboard on the holidays and are now looking for ways to save money. This is the time of year when you pull out additional layers of clothing, but with some helpful tips, you can actually save money on your wardrobe and make it last you through this season and the next.

Avoid “one size” clothing

The only true “one size fits all” clothing items are stretchy socks, scarves and some types of gloves so avoid any other garments that claim to have such a fit. The one size label is usually found on lower-end clothing that’s mass-produced and not designed to accommodate a person’s unique body shape. When you see such a label on a shirt or other item, resist the urge to buy unless you’ve tried it on.

Wash jeans strategically

To help jeans keep their color, wash them inside out with cold water on a gentle cycle. This way, if some of the fabric dye comes out during the wash, it’s more likely that the legs will reabsorb it and keep the jeans looking newer for a longer time.

Beautiful hipster fashion young woman model posing with a pink skateboard on city background

Beautiful hipster fashion young woman model posing with a pink skateboard on city background

Store boots properly

When you’re done with your boots this year, let them breathe by avoiding storing them in the basement or attic. The changes in temperature in such storage places can age the material prematurely so put them in a closet with proper air circulation.

Buy seasonal attire off-season

Come March, the stores will be full of spring and summer clothing so now is the time to stock up on any remaining winter clothing that’s on sale. To save money on spring and summer clothes, consider shopping for such items in July when they’re on sale. Once you get in the habit of buying seasonal attire at the end of the season, you’ll have a well-stocked wardrobe for a lower investment of money.

Hang onto receipts

It can be frustrating when you buy an item of clothing and then see a week later that it’s gone on sale. To avoid this problem, keep the receipt for your items in an envelope and periodically check the store for sales. If the garment went on sale, ask for a credit from customer service.

Shop consignment

Don’t shop at just any consignment store, be savvy in your shopping by choosing a store near a wealthier neighborhood. In such a location, you’re more likely to find hardly worn or never-worn clothing from top designers and some even with tags on them. It’s a great feeling to get a bargain on high-quality clothing.

Avoid over-cleaning clothing

Sometimes you clean clothing items out of habit, even when they don’t really need it. It’s not necessarily required that you wash an item of clothing every time you wear it and it can be a waste of effort, detergent or dry cleaning costs. To decide if you really need to clean certain items of clothing check for these issues before tossing it in the hamper or sending it to the cleaners:

  • Requires repair of rips, broken zippers, missing buttons or torn hems
  • Needs dry cleaning to remove a tough stain
  • Has smudges or dirt that require laundering
  • Has unpleasant odor

If the item passes inspection, hang it up and air it out for a few hours before returning it to your closet or drawer.

One of the best ways to save money on high-quality clothing is to ensure that they have a long life with professional dry cleaning and tailoring from Embassy Cleaners.

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