Tips for lingerie shopping- rules of thumb

Lingerie can turn into a huge boost to a woman’s confidence level while at the same time add up an absolutely new experience within the bedroom. But the key in turning the lingerie just right and comfortable is in incorporating the below mentioned tips for purchasing these intimate wear into her shopping habits.

  • Know the size- At the time of planning to purchase lingerie, a woman should keep a few things in mind to prevent nothing goes awry. The primary factor is in knowing the size prior to purchasing the lingerie. Having the right measurement is crucial which a woman can do with the help of a measuring tape. A woman should ensure everything fits just apt on her body to avoid appearing uncomfortable, lumpy and unusually frumpy
  • Variety is the spice of life- While purchasing lingerie, it is important to select few different styles. After all assortment is interesting. During the day slipping on a mix of bras and bottoms will work wonders while at night mixing sensual babydolls, sexy corsets and playful sets is just apt.

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  • Comfort is important- one should never neglect comfort because a woman’s sex appeal always is enhanced manifold via their confidence and comfort in what they put on. If a woman is not comfortable wearing a certain fit, it is wise to prevent purchasing or wearing it
  • Quality counts- Fabric is likely to be a major cause of discomfort while putting on lingerie, especially if this is sweat-inducing, scratchy, feels awful and does not breathe. Thus it is best to feel the fabric for comfort, softness and smoothness
  • Choose the proper style or cut- Both bras and panty comes in diverse variety of shapes or cuts which takes into account a woman’s comfort preferences and support
  • Accessorise- Lingerie alone does not suffice these days, but today there are ample accessories and add ons for spicing up a woman’s new intimacy quotient. Women provided they are comfortable can try things such as stockings, eye masks, pasties and handcuffs. These possess all the potential for teasing as well as balancing the elements of wild and naughty
  • Pick sexy colours- Erotic and sensuous lingerie is vital and requires attention. While picking designs for lingerie, it is crucial to consider the occasion for which it is being purchased. Select lingerie that makes a female feel sexy as well as pleases the better half too. It is advisable to select a style in fabrics and colours which her partner will like. Satin or lace as per research especially in black or red hardly ever miss the mark

Along with following these tips while purchasing lingerie it is equally important to take good care of it to prolong its life to avail the utmost comfort from it. Thus it is advisable to wash undergarments daily. Besides, remove labels and tags from lingerie after purchase as these are likely to cause rubbing and scratching if one is sensitive to it.

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