Tips for healthy hair

Everyone loves to see a healthy head of hair, yet with all the stresses of modern-day living, it isn’t easy to maintain that fresh look. Here are a few tips to keep your locks looking healthy and full of life.

Protection against the elements

The sun, wind, and rain all take their toll on your hair, so avoid excessive exposure, as this will only add to existing hair issues. Pollution and dirt can really dry out your hair, so wear a hat when you are out walking through the city.

Use conditioners correctly

A conditioner is used to seal in the moisture content in the shaft of the hair, and is not meant for the scalp. Start to massage the conditioner about two inches from your scalp, and remember to read the instructions, which contain important information on how to get the best result from using the product. Make sure you leave the conditioner on long enough for it to do its work. Long hair should be dried carefully, especially after a conditioner has been applied, with no excessive towel rubbing, as this friction can damage the hair ends. A qualified hair stylist would know which conditioner would best suit your hair, if you are looking for a hairdresser in Perth, there are reputable online salons that will give you that perfect look for any occasion.

Tips for healthy hair

Be careful with the heat

Too much heat strips the moisture from your hair, making it dry and frizzy. Too much heat can also cause burning, so be careful with those heated tongs! Using heat to style hair has always been a trade-off, with severe hair damage possible, it is something that should be an exception rather than a rule.

Scalp care

Oiling the scalp is healthy, and the oil should be removed with a gentle shampoo. Coconut and almond oil are popular, and once a month is fine, but don’t overdo it. Do not use too much oil, as the amount of shampoo required to remove it, will also remove a lot of your hair’s moisture, leaving it dry.

Tepid water works

Believe it or not, it’s true! Hot water has the same effect as hot air, stripping away some of the natural oils, so yes, use cold water when you wash your hair, whatever your mother told you. We mean “cold” as in room temperature, not just coming out of the fridge, which might give you a bit of a start.

Tips for healthy hair1

Healthy eating

What you eat has a direct effect on the condition of your hair. Nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, and iron are essential for healthy hair. Consider vitamin supplements, if you feel your diet does not provide you with the right nourishment.

Avoid tight braiding at night

The best thing is to loosely braid your hair, avoiding a frizzy mess in the morning! A side braid would protect your hair while sleeping. While on the subject of sleep, try to use satin pillowcases, as cotton is quite rough in texture, and the constant friction can damage the hair.

There are many natural ingredients you can use to promote healthy hair, and with a little care and preparation, your hair will remain in good condition, whatever the season.

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