Tips for a picture perfect wedding

Your big day is getting close and you are probably more excited than any other time in your life! And for a reason – you are saying your “I do” to the man of your dreams and you are looking into a future of togetherness, love, commitment and delight… and there’s nothing as powerful as love to get you as thrilled as you already are!

To make your wedding everything you’ve always dreamed it would be, there are a few key aspects you need to take into consideration. Sure, most of them you are already aware of, but for everything to run smoothly, we are giving you a solid list to help you out and lead you in the right direction.


Wedding gown

Naturally, the first thing all brides to be will be thinking about is their wedding gown. While it’s absolutely understandable you’ll want to pick it out as soon as possible so you can be calm and plan everything else with thought and care, knowing you’ve secured the one thing that matters most – be patient about it. Gowns are plenty and choosing the perfect wedding dress isn’t easy, but buying it just to buy it even though you don’t like it as much as you thought you would is a mistake. Wait for that perfect one that will have your heart pulsating in your chest each time you see it.

Further, if you first pick out the venue and decorations and then the gown, try to make it fit the theme of your wedding. If your decorations are modern, don’t show up in a traditional gown that will stand out. Make sure it’s all in sync. However, if you’ve first chosen your dress – plan everything else around it.

NOTE: Never pick a dress that doesn’t suit your body type – it will only make you look weird.


Wedding venue

A venue is a really important aspect of every wedding. It won’t matter if you’ve planned everything else perfectly when the venue simply doesn’t fit with your theme and your general likes. You want your guests to feel comfortable, you want them to enjoy the gorgeousness around, and ultimately – you and your hubby want to love the space. So, take some time to go through the offers before you jump into something mediocre.

Videography & Photography

While memories do last long, it’s somewhat given that some of the memories will fade and you’ll lose a precious picture of something that meant the world to you. This is why your big day needs to be videotaped and photographed, so even when you are sixty, you and your loved one can grab that album or a video, watch it together and remember how wonderful your W day was. With professionals like guys that are in charge of the wedding videography in Sydney, you can let loose and trust their artistic eye! You’ll get wonderful shots that will save your precious moment forever!


Wedding cake

Yum, yum, yum! Wedding cakes are the centerpiece of weddings (when it comes to food, at least) and you want something that will not only agree with the theme of the wedding but will definitely be the reflection of your refined taste! These days, everyone is paying attention to have a cake look great but making it of some tasteless matter, and you don’t want that. Pick a taste you know everyone or at least most people will love! If you are opting for a cake with several tiers, make sure each tier is a different taste so everyone can enjoy it! There is also the option of cute, unusual wedding cakes made entirely of cupcakes. Too cute!

Whatever you go for, make sure that it feels right to you. Just like the marriage itself, there is no only one way to do this right, but it can only be right if it feels right.


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