Tiny tokens of elegance for clothing

In a specificdress the attached name label along with it, speaks a lot about the attire. In fact the tiny labels are a way the brand can get in touch with and spreads its aura to the outside world till infinity. Not only for the brands, these sewing labels can also be a medium of giving away a special memoir to a loved one with the sender’s name stitched on it.

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Whether you are a brand or an individual you can always opt for a classic way to get your name attached and displayed, to and withrespectively the item that is by designer classic woven labels. Its Mine Sewing Labels are pieces of elegance to be be affixed to your clothing, handmade items and morewith desired text embroidered over them finely.

Its Mine offers the widest choices of clothing labels that give you personalized woven labels giving that perfect flawless finishing touch to your items.

Check out for the various collections of woven sew labels offered by Its Mine below or you can also create a customized version of your choice for self.

  • Sew-On 3/8″ Classic Woven Labels
  • Sew-On 5/8″ Classic Woven Labels
  • Sew-On 1″ Designer Woven Labels
  • Sew-On 1/2″ Designer Woven Labels
  • Sew-On 1″ Woven ID Labels
  • Sew-On 1/2″ Woven ID Labels

Each of the versions is different in its features but availability of large variation of styles, colors and icons is for sure. Some are ideal for clothing, crafts, linens, handmade items, etc. and others for clothing, bed and bath linens, etc. Some of them can have only 1 to 2 lines text and others 1, 2 and 3 lines of text over them.

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It is made sure that the text lines embroidered over the labels are easy to read and block lettering in a great variety of colors. The variations are apparent in the size dimensions over which the weaving works are done and in the quantity of availability. Some are available in quantities as low as 10, in quantities of 36, 72 or 144, in quantities of 20 and in quantities of 100 as well.

All the sewing labels prepared by Its Mine has managed to create some of the most appealing labels of all time for the widest range of customers from varied areas like wearer, handcrafter, or business.

For more information about designer classic woven labels by Its Mine visit the website right today!

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