Things you need to know about handbags

There is no doubting that women love handbags just as much as they love shoes. A handbag is not just an accessory but it is a functional piece of kit that has to have the space to carry your life around in.

The thing with ladies handbags is that there is one for every occasion; from business bags to shopping bags and gym bags- every angle is covered! You may think that you know everything there is to know about handbags but the following list uncovers things you may not know!


  1. Until rail was invented the term handbag did not exist. As travel was made easier it meant that luggage had to be light and easy to carry. Women needed a solution that would enable them to carry the things they need. To follow on from this, bag manufacturers created small bags that quickly became known as handbags.
  2. In 1841, the very first luxury leather purse was made by H.J.Cave. Small purses were made by Cave for the whole of the Samuel Parkinson family who were industrialists and confectioners. His wife was given a bag that was smaller and more intricate in appearance and these bags can now be found in the handbag museum in Amsterdam.
  3. There is a rumour that suggests that Louis Vuitton burns all of their unsold handbags at the end of each year. This is apparently done to prevent sales that would damage the image of the brand.
  4. The bible makes it clear that Judas Iscariot was the first person to carry a purse.
  5. In 1985, the first unisex bag was launched and was done so by Miuccia Prada. It was black in colour and made of nylon.
  6. When it comes to world records, the most expensive handbag in the world is worth $34.5 million. This is known as the ‘1001 Nights Diamond Purse’ and was made by House of Mouawad.
  7. It’s estimated that the average woman owns around six handbags!
  8. As counterfeit goods have flooded the market in recent years, 2 out of 10 designer handbags are actually fake. Many buy these bags to look classy and stylish while others purchase it believing that it is legitimate. There are many websites available that will help you to spot the differences between real and fake.
  9. Believe it or not, bags were actually first worn by men. Ancient African priests took a liking to beaded bags and they used them to carry around their essentials. Egyptian hieroglyphs show that men carried pouches around long before women.
  10. Margaret Thatcher was known to be a powerful and strong willed woman and she was known for hand bagging her opponents. Her style was often heavily discussed and she was known to throw some rather vicious words at her opponents. Her verbal attacks were fierce and it was compared to being hit by her handbag.

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