The Top Make Up Styles for This Season

When you are planning the way that you are going to wear your make up this season, you are certain to want to make sure that you are on trend at all times. For this reason, before you get your oval brush set out you will want to make a plan with regards to how you can achieve the best possible look. So, pick up your oval makeup brush and take a look below at some of the things that you could try for yourself this season.

Clumpy lashes

On the catwalks this year, clumpy lashes have been an incredibly popular choice with the models. To achieve this look for yourself, you should make sure that you layer up your mascara, using a windscreen wiper motion across your lashes. Doing this will ensure that you are able to wow the crowd and really make a statement with the look that you have chosen.


Faux freckles

Freckles have always been seen as something that is cute and girly, but faux freckles are growing in popularity, where make up is used to add freckles that weren’t already there. To do this, use dark pencils to create dots which you can blend slightly for a different look. Be sure to take your time with this look, as it can be obvious when it has been rushed as it isn’t going to look as realistic.

Chestnut as a lipstick colour

There is always a lot of anticipation when it comes to trying to guess which colours are going to be the most popular in the fashion world at any one time, and this year it would appear that chestnut has won the award for most popular lipstick colour on the catwalk. Thanks to the fact that this is such a unique colour, you can keep the rest of your make up minimalist, as this is certain to be the focal point of your colour choices.


Bright red lips against bare skin

Bright red has always been a popular colour for lipstick; however the trend now is to simply use this alongside concealer, with no other makeup, to create a stunning effect. Doing so is certain to bring a lot of attention, and you can without a doubt make the statement that you were hoping to make.

Blue eyeliner

A decade ago, colored eyeliner was very much in the limelight – and it’s back, in cobalt. This colour was a popular choice on the catwalk this season, and this is sure to be the case in the general population before long, with more and more people picking up on the trend.


It is great to make sure that you keep up to date with the latest trends in makeup, as this means that you are much more likely to be able to get it just right. This means that you can always ensure that you are able to wow the crowd with your choices – and this is definitely something that you should be working towards!

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