The Most Popular Gemstone Shapes of the Year

Gemstones are something that is loved by every woman. These are found in different shapes; therefore you can get the gemstone perfect for you, be it a glistening or a dark one. Popularity of gemstones is a thing that doesn’t need to be argued about. Let’s now talk about the most popular gemstone shapes of the year 2016:-


  1. Round Cut: The round shape is the first shape to be talked about here. This accounts for over ¾ths of all the gemstones sold nowadays.
  2. Marquise: This shape is an elongated one having pointed ends. Marquise cut is stunning when employed as a solitaire or while surrounded by other smaller gems.
  3. Oval Cut: This is a perfectly balanced design fashionable with most women. Its drawn out shape gives a gratifying illusion of length to the fingers.
  4. Heart Shaped Cut: This is the definitive symbol of love; a pear-shape with a cleft at the apex. The expertise of the cutter decides the splendor of the cut. If you’re searching for a heart-shaped gemstone, then look for one with a smooth shape and a distinct outline.
  5. Tear Drop Cut:  This is a hybrid shape, bringing together the best of marquise and oval shapes. The shape is rather like a radiant teardrop hence the name ‘tear drop cut’. This shape is especially suited for earrings or pendants.
  6. Princess Cut: It is a rectangular or square cut with many luminous facets. This one is a rather new cut and is very popular in solitaire engagement rings. Suitable for someone with long fingers, this cut is often enhanced with smaller stones at the sides.
  7. Emerald Cut: It is a rectangular shape with slashed corners. This is an extremely prominent cut for bigger gemstones.  In olden times, this shape was rather popular amongst royalty and aristocrats.

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