The Jewelry Trends That Will Make Heads Turn For Sure

There were many exiting and noteworthy jewelry trends that made their mark in the year 2015 and these are sure to continue in the year 2016 as well. If you are one of those who like to spruce up your jewelry collection with some unique pieces, then you can be assured that the new jewelry trends are just stellar.

Some of the jewelry trends that are seen on the red carpet were really groundbreaking and are now seen featured in a number of jewelry stores as well. More focus was given to the color, the texture and the mixing of both.

The Rings

The two piece rings are indeed the trend setting ones the last season of red carpet. These are the rings where one of the two piece ring is placed normally on the finger and the other is worn above the knuckle. They are either connected by using a chain or at times a V shaped metal.

The Ear Climbers

These are quite popular now days. These are the kind of ear rings that run throughout the ear’s rim. A number of handmade jewellers too are coming up with such ear climbers that are a perfect match to your apparel. For example, if you visit an online store like Forever Handmade, then you can find a number of trendy ear rings too.


The Wrap As Well As Coiled Styled Jewelry

The stylish and elegant wrapped and the coiled jewelry, especially the bracelets are gaining popularity year after year.  It implies that the layered or the coiled look is still going strong.

The Personalised Jewelry

There are many who love personalized jewelry when compared to buying something that is very commonly available. One can personalize any kind of jewelry match up to their needs and style.

One can find number online stores that are up to date with the changing trends in the jewelry industry. All you need is to find a perfect store and you would for sure have an amazing and trendy jewelry for yourself.


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