The elastic shoelaces are the trend today

Shoelaces have slowly become a vintage item. With the invention of the Velcro fastener, the shoelaces have started slowly moving into oblivion. This suits the younger generation a great deal. They like to do things thick and fast. You cannot expect a young kid to spend time attempting to tie his shoelaces. Thus, tying the perfect shoelace has become a dying art. Is there a future for the conventional lacing system? Will the laced shoes go into oblivion? Fortunately, the answer is in the negative. There is a new invention trending nowadays that could well, revolutionize the shoe industry.


What is the invention?

You must have heard these words. ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’. The human has felt the need to revive the dying art of tying shoelaces. Teaching children to tie shoelaces is difficult in today’s times. This made a couple of youngsters from Argentina find a solution to the issue. They came up with a great idea of elastic shoelaces for kids and adults alike.

The beauty of the elastic laces is that there is no need to tie them. You can easily stretch and fasten them. They stay fit and secure. In addition, due to their elastic properties, they can expand as well as contract depending on the situation. This enables you to buy one size that can fit all. You have to insert the strip into each of the eyelets and fasten the same.

The best part of the Elastomer strip is that it can suit any shoe eyelet such as leather, fabric, or even fly wire. The elastic strip is such that there is no chance of the same snapping or breaking into two.

How do you use the elastic shoelaces?

The elastic shoe laces are the trend today. Installing the same is also an easy job. It is easy to insert the same into the eyelets, stretch them, and fasten it. They come in a range of colors depending on the color of the shoes, type of the eyelets, and the preferences of the users. You know them by the name of Hickies.

The advantages of the Hickies

  • One advantage of these shoelaces is that both adults, as well as kids, can use the same.
  • There is no need for a single piece of garment to run through the entire shoe. The Elastomer strip runs through a pair of eyelets alone. You can also make the same run through two pairs of eyelets as well for a tighter fitting.
  • These strips are available in dozens. You can have strips of different colors adorning the shoes. The multicolored strips can look great for a party.
  • You can have your own fitting. In case you need a loose fit, you can simply remove some of the strips from the bottom. In the case of a tighter fitting, you can fit it as a loop. Anyway, it is easy to use.

Thus, you see the trend of the elastic shoelaces replacing the conventional ones.

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