The Color Of Your Socks Says so Much About You!

The days of wearing dull colored socks has much been associated with businessmen and top executives conforming to the old establishment rules.  The traditional dark colored designer labelled suit and matching sock color is the norm in many a corporate environment, and really says a lot about how we are following our peers example as acceptable.

When we step out of the box, and decide to wear something far more colorful and exciting says a lot about who we are, and our objective on life.  When we look for a pair of fine cotton socks in the stores we tend to stick to the routine range of greys, browns and blues…but this is changing more often these days as our willingness to explore and expand the way we are perceived as individuals.

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We tend to fashion our children with bright colors and patterns, to allow them to feel comfortable and to be happy with what they are wearing.  The addition of color adds a new dimension to their personality, especially if they are decorated with a fancy pattern or their favorite cartoon character.  These trends have long been around for adults, but have tended to be overlooked or only worn for a special occasion such as Christmas.

By taking a step into the multi-colored world of your wardrobe, and adding a pair or two of fine cotton socks made in France for example you will be making more than a fashion statement.  In fact the wearing of brightly colored socks tells the boardroom or the world that you are full of confidence, and truly understand who you are and what you would like to achieve.

When looking to make an impression at your next business meeting, know that most will look at what you are wearing on your feet, this is a way of judging who you are and what you are about.  Sticking to the more traditional colors and traditions will give that impression.  Simply replacing your socks with patterned and colored premium cotton socks, will send the signal that you are different and should be treated as such.

Color is a way of expressing more than just you, it makes a statement about who you are!

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