Pop Artist, Composer, Model and Actress Dalal wear Jewel Toned and joins the Body Positivity Revolution.

Hailing from Austria, Dalal is an up and coming Pop Singer and Songwriter. But while you may be thinking, oh another Britney or Kylie or Selena, think again. Dalal is also a composer, writing classical orchestral scores for movies and live show art projects. She is classically trained as a violinist and pianist and has a BA from Middlesex University London. Her live shows are lively with string players and tribal percussionists that underline her sultry, sexy and incredibly beautiful voice on stage.




Furthermore Dalal has also had a quite successful career in modeling, even though she usually doesn’t mention it… there’s a lot of things Dalal is that she doesn’t talk about. You should check out that girl’s poetry! (instagram @dalalmusic)

Anyhow, here she is seen modeling for the innovative shape wear company JewelToned.

Founded by lingerie expert, Southern Belle, designer, yogi, branding strategist Rachael McCrary, Jewel Toned is the new Shape-wear and lingerie underwear on the body shaper horizon. Jewel Toned is colorful, fun, pretty and most importantly, it’s comfortable.

After more than 16 years in the fashion industry, Rachael McCrary realized her friends had one intimate apparel problem in common – feeling bad and uncomfortable in their body shape-wear. A passion for developing body positive undergarments that supports women’s curves resulting in the creation of Shape-wear that ends up being “meant to be seen” underwear or “quasi” outerwear.

Jewel Toned

Jewel Toned

Whether you wear it to the grocery store, the boardroom or on the red carpet, the goal is to help you feel your most confident.

From XS to XL, the first shape wear that doesn’t come in nude.

Perfect for all women that make their own rules.

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