The best guide to Hollywood stars wavy hair

If you are looking for some new style for your hair you should definitely try something wavy this season. Wavy hairstyles captured Hollywood world and our celebrities embrace their perfect looks by wearing curly bobs and lobs. Luckily, wavy trend goes far beyond these haircuts and you can try this so called “beachy look” on any locks you like.

Check out these five absolutely stunning wavy haircuts and find something suitable to your taste, lifestyle and social status.


#1 Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel has a wonderful ombre and complements it with soft curls. She use 32mm curling barrel and mix wavy strands with straight ones. The effect of this combination is stunning and we have nothing except for admit it.

#2 Penelope Cruz

Famous Spanish actress sticks to classic, sleek, shiny curls and side part, which highlights her deep brown eyes and Hollywood smile. S – shape hairstyle always look fabulous and chicly on long and medium hair.

#3 Naomi Campbell

Black Panther stuns everybody around with her long mermaid waves and thick bangs. It is impossible to stay unnoticed wearing such hairstyle.

#4 Mary-Kate Olsen

One of the star twins Mary-Kate proudly wears her natural a little bit curly hair. She adds some texture and shine to her hair using special sea salt spray and nothing more. Nude look and airy hair have become her beauty motto last years.

#5  GiseleBündchen

The queen of sunny waves and shiny smile Gisele Bündchen embraces long loose curls on her charming light hair. Her looks are full of mysteries and charm that can not leave you indifferent.

  So, now you know how to create a perfect look with curly hair. Choosing beachy style you will never loose. No matter where are you going: on a red carpet performance or on party with your best friends.

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