Take care of your knitwear with some easy to follow tips

Knitwear are much delicate than other types of clothes. This is the reason why more care is taken of the knitwear to increase their life. Looking after knitwear is not so difficult task, with some precautions, you can increase the life of your knitwear which you have knitted with love or which you have bought from the market after lots of search.

Store with care

Knitwear is easily attacked by the insects. Many times, the fabric eating insects eat out the knitwear and makes holes in it.  Thus, they are required to be stored in the sealed box which prevents the attack of the insects which are borne in the air. It also protects the knitwear from moisture and developing allergens on the fabric.

When you store the knitwear, you can also add some phenolphthalein balls to prevent the attack of the insects like the moth.


Washing with care

Knitwear is needed to be washed with care thus, on every knitting yarn, there are instructions for washing the yarn and the knitwear made from it. They are generally gentle in nature so they are unable to face the harshness of the detergents and soap. Only the mild liquid detergent should be used to wash the knitwear. There are many woolen detergents available in the market which should be used for washing the knitwear. There are many types of knitting yarn which should not be washed in the washing machine. When you wash the knitwear in the washing machine, the stitches might get loose or they can even open up, thus, avoid washing your knitwear in the washing machine.

Read the books to get the advanced tips

The experts keep on updating the information about everything, thus you can take help from the internet or books based on knitting to better take care of the knitwear.

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