Stylish mehendi designs to add to your personality

Mehendi is considered to be an important part of Indian culture especially wedding occasion. Women wear mehendi in different religious functions and family functions. Mehendi Designs consist of different patterns featuring leaves, flowers, human figures and animals. Mehendi design has lots of artful shading and intricate detailing within it. They look pretty and it takes much time to make a perfect mehendi design.


Nowadays, Tattoo Mehendi Designs come in a wide variety. Some designs are listed below-

  • Floral design- Mehendi design can be perfectly made with the help of floral patterns. Mehendi design which features floral pattern looks very pretty. Floral pattern has large and small flowers which are filled up by proper shading and looks very beautiful and stylish. It is a common mehendi design.
  • Glitter mehendi – Glitter mehendi designs are trending nowadays. It looks fashionable and stylish. Glitters provide a shine in the mehendi design. It makes it colorful and beautiful. You can have small glittering mehendi designs on your hands or arm or other parts of body. It looks more attractive than a simple tattoo.
  • Arabic design – Arabic mehendi is simple and it has less detailing in its design. Arabic mehendi design includes vines, flowers, leaves, etc. You can have Arabic design on your hands, wrist, foot, neck, etc. You can have a necklace shaped Arabic design on your look. It looks very stylish. You can also have a printed bracelet on your wrist with the help of Arabic mehendi design.
  • Typical mehendi tattoo design- Typical mehendi design consists of abstract designs and geometric shapes. Shading is done in these designs to make it more beautiful.

mahendi 1

There is surely no doubt that nowadays trendy women love to have stylish tattoo designs on their body. Tattoo mehendi is most popular in India where people wear mehendi on different occasions and ceremonies. Making tattoo mehendi perfectly is an art. It is not at all easy. Only skilled mehendi and tattoo designers can make perfect tattoo mehendi design. If you are not sure about which mehendi design will suit you then you can visit nearby tattoo mehendi parlor and ask professionals about it.

mahendi 2

Nowadays, there are many beauty parlors as well as mehendi designer stores from where you can get the tattoo mehendi design on your hands. The mehendi designers hired by these stores and parlors are highly skilled and they can help you to get a perfect mehendi design on your hands or foot.


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