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To err is to human. We are not the perfect beings. Had we been perfect, we would have been Gods, not human beings. In this piece of commentary, we are going to discuss about the wonderful blog by the appellation of We are unperfect. The motto of the article reads that we are not imperfect as it defines imperfection defines something which is full of flaws and something which is full of defects. The blog says that we are the epitome of unperfection which means that we all are not perfect and it is a thing to be celebrated. It is actually a blog which talks about the authentic love, life and beauty.


This blog also discusses about the beauty of the female. Every female is beautiful in her own way yet the blog brings to you some of the amazing beauty tips which will aid you in enhancing your beauty. You will be told about all the nutritious food which you will be required to eat in order to give your skin a natural glow. You will also be told about the various methods which you can use in order to keep your hair healthy and what all products you must use in order to keep your hair perfectly fine.  Not only this, you will also be told about the secret to keep your nail healthy.



Fashion trends keep on altering and if you read through our blog, you can get yourself updated with the latest fashion trends. You can get hold of the information which tells you that which particular cloth is in the fashion now, like: Hats, et cetera. If there is some sort of fest coming up then we also provide you the details about the festival fashion. It provides you the best guidelines as to how you can dress up at the fest parties and what all outfits you can opt for. Reading our blogs, you can amazingly stand out from your friends, appearing to be the most amazing and updated person at the carousal.


Delicious food is considered to be the treat for the soul and many people love to try out new recipes. In this particular blog, you are introduced to various varieties of recipes on which you can simply try out your hands. If you want, then you can also make your recipe to reach out to a good number of people by publishing it on our blog.


Fitness is the mantra of a happy and healthy life. The blog also discusses about the best workouts for your entire body, so that you do not develop even an ounce of fat on your body. Follow the simple workouts that are enlisted and get an access to the amazing body for which you have always been desirous of.

Wedding decisions

The blog also help you in providing good views about your lifestyle. It explains you that why is good not to marry and what the disadvantages of not marrying are. The blog surely helps you to take correct decisions.            

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