Star Wars Fashion Merchandise

Star Wars fashion merchandise like shirts, backpacks, and handbags have never been more popular than they are today. Now that the franchise is releasing new movies again, there has been a resurgence in the force for buying Star Wars products.

Some of the most fun looking fashion products from the franchise are the Star Wars backpacks. These run the gamut from small school book bags for kids to full size backpacks for teens and adults. Of course there are also Star Wars messenger bags for the more sophisticated. Not all of these products scream fandom, some are subtle nods to the greatest movie franchise of all time.

Star Wars fashion

For example there is a backpack called the Rebel Alliance backpack that is made to look like the flight suit of a rebel pilot. It almost would work perfectly with a Rebel pilot Halloween custom and yet it would also look awesome if you used it for school or work. While it is Star Wars themed, it doesn’t come across as obnoxious…it’s done in a orange color with white padding and really only has one small Rebel pilot logo on it.If you didn’t know what a rebel pilot looked like, you would think its just a normal backpack, but to a Star Wars fan they will know immediately. Even better the backpack is functional, it has a lap top compartment and lots of storage room with extra pockets.

There are plenty of Star Wars backpack and messenger bags that are over the top and more suited towards super fans of the movie or people who are bit brave in their fashion choices. The first one that comes to mind is a Chewbacca style messenger bag that is covered in hair (made to look like the Wookie) and the shoulder strap matches Chewie’s style. So that might not be a great bag choice for an adult, however it could be fun if you are making a trip to Disney and want to carry around your stuff. You can also find something called buddy packs. These are teddy bear style backpacks so basically it looks like you are carrying around Yoda on your back.

No matter what kind of Star Wars themed bag you want there is something for everybody. There are items that just have simple quotes on them from the movies or you can find beautifully battle painted scenes. That’s the thing about this movie franchise, they are willing to put their marketing on anything and the consumers eat t up.

Of course the other side of that is you need to be careful because there are all out of people and companies who make bootleg Star Wars shirts, backpacks, and handbags. While some of them make look great, they have not been licensed by Disney and may not be the highest quality stuff you can get. This is particularly important if you are into Star Wars collectables. To make sure you are getting official Star Wars gear you should make sure its advertised as officially licensed and has the trademark logo on it.

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