Star Trek Beyond Blue Leather Jacket Worn by Kirk



Captain James T. Kirk has always been the cornerstone of the legendary Star Trek series. He is the man on a mission who leads powerful interstellar space vehicle and the crew inside it. They have a task on their hands to discover how the life outside Earth exists. For this purpose, all of them plan to leave the planet just to know how the world deep within space looks like. In Star Trek Beyond, Captain James T. Kirk and his crewmen, travelling faster than the speed of light, have to encounter unfriendly circumstances and evil villains.

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Everyone is talking about hot Star Trek Beyond Jacket,worn by Chris Pine as Captain James T. Kirk. This jacket of Kirk is prepared in both pure and faux leather, with the specifics totally according to the movie Star Trek Beyond.Once you have it in your closet, you can make your friends envious with this high-class piece of apparel.

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The features include a stand-up collar with front zipper closure and padded detailing shoulders with yellow patches. The Epaulet shoulders with various details on the arms, back, and front, is the hallmark of the jacket. The viscose lining inside provides comfortable feel and makes you at ease all the time. Also, the Star Trek logo on the chest and Epaulet shoulder complete the overall look. The padded detailing on the waist also gives you a feel of a real Trekkie. Black-Leather Jacket gives you an opportunity to look exactly like Chris Pine with this exclusive replica that nobody can afford to miss out.

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