Size Ten is The New Size ZERO

 Photoshop and various other computer gizmos have changed the perception of models and fashion industry. The models are shown unnaturally thin, slim and stunning by hiding their curves which have made normal woman insecure to find the stylish and trendy dresses for herself. But is there really something to worry? Do curvy women need to lose weight to be considered stylish and sexy? Is it possible to see the same figure in a more sexual and classy way? Well, the answer to all these worries is simply YES… Hurray curvy ladies, you are all set to walk the ramps with your beautiful figures to set examples on the forefront of fashion. Fashion was never constrained to skinny silhouettes. It’s never even mentioned that this particular dress is meant for only flatter curves. It has been just the mindset of the society which was built due to the fashion shows, fashion magazines that made Plus-size women out of reach.

Moreover, irrespective of women think, men find voluptuous women much more attractive and sensuous than skinny hangers. Many shopping websites have started with the production of designer merchandise in Plus size clothing for well endowed women and even showcase gorgeous models as their examples.

I remember an instance from my childhood when me, my mother, grandmother, and all my aunts used to feast all heavy stuff like whole milk, creams, clarified butter, and other dairy products with great love and affection. While feeding, obviously they were not realizing that this might result in something unfashionable. And, I obviously quite unaware of the consequences just glowed and flourished with the unadulterated love that was showered on me in the form of sweets and dairy. Everyone in the colony just loved me more because of my chubbiness and plumpness. But with the passage of time, the same family members changed their attitude towards me because I turned fat and my mother used to face a lot of trouble while purchasing garments for me. And to my shock, the neighbors also started gossiping about me at my back. I could never understand their changed attitude and behavior towards me because I did not find anything wrong about myself. I was happy, enjoying, playing the same way I used to do earlier. And I was even able to dress up myself in a classy way, just by mixing and matching some shades and pieces in my own unique way. With the advent of time, I started trying to lose weight just for more fun and for more sensuous clothes and to my surprise, I did not receive any appreciation. Everyone liked me in the same curvy figure and I realized that society would always remain the same, it can never be satisfied with what it already has, it will always crave for the things it strives to have. It is my body, and I have to love and adore it. I started loving myself for what I am and today I am wearing all the sexy dresses with a pinch of elegance in them and being loved and appreciated by everyone.

And since then I am a fan of all those retailers who give importance to Plus-Size clothing. One such retailer is which has a unique section for all the Plus size clothing online for people like me, the loved ones of God. This slight preference by such brands and manufactures dealing with Plus size clothing for such women has encouraged the feeling of being privileged and a part of the fashion world. They also shop for sexy and vibrant clothes for themselves and are much more confident rather being insecure or exempted from the society.


Clothing for Curvaceous Bodies

Plus-size clothing has no limit and can be seen online in a huge variety. Ranging from different styles and kinds, numerous options are available online for the curvy ladies to suit their choice and preferences. There is nothing which will make you feel that you are not a part of the fashion industry. Just name the category for which you want to buy a designer wear and the piece is ready in front of you. Let me give you a glimpse of what curvaceous figures can do with their bodies which slender silhouettes might regret. The following list of articles for beautiful bodies starts from tops to bottoms which can ignite a sense of diva within you and will make you feel a special part of the fashion industry.

Let the world turn heads for you: –  The sexy Plus-size dresses can make you look quite voguish in a manner which can be compared to tall and slim girls. And mark my words, you would look much better than them as your beautiful curves will provide a definite shape to the dress and would make you a style icon in front of the crowd. Just make sure to add on heels to complement your attire.×1440/i/adelle_noirdot7878.jpg

The lady in the blue is wearing such a gorgeous skater dress which definitely complements her curves in a beautiful way. The ways she has carried the golden shining clutch in her hand and has adorned T-strap heels are an awesome way to present her body frame. I also loved the statement necklace she has worn to avoid attention on her heavy torso and giving a flawless appearance overall.

Glam up your style in skirts: – Skirts have always been referred to ladies will tall and sexy legs, but curvy bodies have a completely different approach to wearing them. The shape and look that a curvy woman can offer to a skirt, a slim figure may not be able to help with the same. A stylish with a well luxurious look is there to look forward to when it comes to skirts for a curvy woman.

Look at the grace and smile she offers, the chubby chick is all set to fire the ramp with her style and grace in this Tulle skirt. The way she has expressed herself is worth praise, her torso in the red net top with sleeves has given her a refreshing look and a comfortable outfit for the entire day. The loose hairdo and smile has made her face beauty all natural and feminine, which she can carry for to complement her attire. Styling with black pumps has added an extra attention to which the skirt is illusioned to lift up more and gracing the overall personality.

Flaunt the curves in a sexy way: – Curves are a woman’s real asset which she can show off to make her tops classy and elegant at the same time. Tops for curvy bodies are a great way to team up with skirts, shorts, jeans, and trousers. These can either make their body look fab or can make them look frumpy, so choosing the best top to accentuate your curves is a real thing. Don’t listen to what your peers tell you and stop hiding behind baggy clothes, explore the various sites offering  Plus size clothing online.

The lady has gone to the off shoulder to present a bold look with her curves. I personally loved her top, much more than what I see on thin figures. The collar bones are visible, no sign of cleavage show is so impressive that any voluptuous women would die to wear this trendy top to leave an impression that will last forever.


Be a trend setter for the society: – Working women have no choice except being stylish and elegant at the same time. She is being watched from the beginning of the day to the end by her colleagues, bosses, and clients she meets. She needs to be presentable at all times and only makeup touches cannot do the trick. For this, she needs to have something which can hug her body and can give her a comfortable wear for the entire day. And for such a silhouette, jackets or blazers are a must. Shop for bright dark hues, this season, choose from the attractive colors available in plus size clothing too, now.

The Yellow color in a blazer has been in trend for a couple of years and now, it is available for the Plus sizes as well, and it is extremely wonderful to see such women in these shades. The model showcasing the yellow blazer is looking absolutely stunning with her curves, underneath the top and stretched jeans and setting an example for the bosomy women to go for vibrant shades and set the ramp on fire.

So the market is all set for you SONSIES, just grab some stylish pieces for your loved bodies, clothe them, get appraises and flaunt yourself in front of the crowd. The confidence these dresses and tops will provide you would definitely make you aim for higher. Rather than focussing on what is in trend, focus on what suits your body and make it trendy.

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