Significance Of Flowers As Gifts

In the victorian times, there were certain flowers that had specific meanings. That’s because the selection of flowers was limited and people mostly used symbols and gestures to communicate rather than words.

Presently, with so many choices of flowers, there are no rules anymore. It is basically the sentiment that determines the meaning of the present. Thus, if you can pick the right flowers, you will always be able to send across the right message every time you have to. People also assign their own personal meanings like a particular flower or a specific colour that might remind the receiver of a special moment or an event of their life.


The Different Occasions Or Moments When Flowers Are Used

However, it has been observed that in spite of the time, location, occasion or the person who would receive the gift, flowers happen to be the perfect pick for the purpose of gifting. There is absolutely no confusion on this and this is a fact which is undisputedly true.

Still, there might be regional and cultural differences that might exist in the pattern of gifting flowers all over the world. It would indeed be an advantage if it is known the meaning of flowers in the case of an alien culture or at the time of cross-cultural exchange of flowers as gifts.

There are numerous occasions when there can be exchange of flowers like birthdays, wedding, anniversaries and funerals. Apart from those there can be exchange of flowers during popular festivals like diwali, raksha bandhan, christmas, mother’s day, valentine’s day and so on. In China, students gift teachers with flowers. In Russia, either a single flower or a bunch is presented on birthdays. The same happens on Women’s Day. In England, guests gift flowers to the host.

There could be flowers even during formal moments like the graduation day, retirement day and so on. These can also be gifted to friends, neighbours and even colleagues as corporate gifts. Among the muslims, there is exchange of eid flowers. They even go for ramadan flowers during the holy month. This confirms that flowers are universal gifts and are also among the most popular ones for any sort of occasion.

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