Reputation Management: New Reebok Shoes


Reebok has been in the shoe making business for a long time but even they need help from companies such as reputation management. They need help to promote their latest line of shoes and these shoes are made for comfort. The inner sole has a unique memory foam that absorbs most of the pressure when walking. The rest of the shoe is made to have an extremely light feel. The fabric is a light but heavy duty fabric that is tear resistant. This shoe will become their flagship product that represents the company and skyrockets the stocks. The only problem is that Nike has just copied their comfort line of shoes. The quality and comfort is definitely better with Reeboks but Nike has the market. When people see both companies, they will likely choose Reebok unless you know your products well. Only these particular customers would ever purchase Reebok over Nike. This is the reason why they need online reputation management to help them promote their shoes.

reputation 2

Most companies would create a commercial for Reebok shoes but online reputation management decided to create a simple youtube video and post it on social media. It was a funny video to capture the audiences attention and it did more than that, the video went viral. The video was a about a runner who loved running and it was their passion. The problem was that they were too poor to afford a pair of shoes that they actually wanted. What the runner ended up doing was bet against a wealthy kid who had these shoes who was an athlete as well. He challenged him to a race and the winner takes anything he wants. Everyone thought the kid would take his girl or his car or phone but all he ended up taking was his shoes. The ad was designed to help promote shoes in a very unorthodox way and it worked, it worked quite well. Reputation management was impressed with the traction the video got and how it became viral.

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