Pros and Cons of Bespoke Shoes

Bespoke shoes in Singapore are individualized pairs of shoes made from the specific measurements of each foot and with all the needed corrections in order to attain the best and most comfortable fit. In Singapore, shoemakers can produce a huge variety of custom-made shoes, including flats, loafers, dress shoes, high heels, boots, sport shoes and ski boots. So, what are the pros and cons of bespoke shoes?

Pros of Bespoke Shoes Singapore

  1. Achieving perfect fit

While mass-produced shoes are designed to certain standard foot lengths and widths, many people do not have feet in standard sizes and usually find regular shoes ill-fitting and uncomfortable. However, bespoke shoes are designed according to specific foot measurements and provide a functional and comfortable fit. In fact, before creating bespoke shoes, shoemakers take the actual measurements of customers’ feet to ensure that the resulting shoes are perfectly fitting and comfortable.

  1. Perfect shoes for individuals with foot abnormalities

For individuals with foot abnormalities and foot musculoskeletal disorders, bespoke shoes are ideal for rapid adaptation and effective relief of the underlying problems. The shoes are designed not only to offer personalized fit, but also come with individualized corrections for foot disorders. The materials for Bespoke shoes in Singapore are selected according to a person’s condition, activity levels, anomalous anatomy and any symmetry issues, ensuring that the shoes have the necessary modifications to allow for comfortable usage with existing foot disorders.

  1. Achieving perfect match with favorite outfits

Bespoke shoes Singapore are a great way of matching your favorite outfits to elegant shoes. You only need to indicate to the shoemaker which types of outfit you want to match with your new shoes and the shoes will be designed and crafted to reflect your wishes. In fact, most shoemakers in Singapore allow their customers to view pre-made shoe designs and receive expert advice on how to match their shoes with their outfits.

  1. Owning unique high-quality shoes

For those who want to have the most unique shoes in their neighborhoods, going for bespoke shoes Singapore is the best way to realize this dream. Designed to meet customer needs and aspirations and to be completely distinctive, bespoke shoes not only reflect the personality and fashion tastes of customers but also provide them with unique shoes that they can never find on any shelves anywhere. During the creation of bespoke shoes in Singapore, customers are allowed to share their ideas with shoemakers, bring pictures of their desired designs to shoemakers, select the materials, style and colors of their shoes, and view pre-made designs to have a better idea of what they should expect when their shoes are completed.

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Cons of Bespoke Shoes in Singapore

  1. Professional service required to produce them

The service of a professional shoemaker is necessary to create proper fitting and comfortable bespoke shoes. In fact, a skilled shoemaker must be hired to run the process right from selection of appropriate materials, design to creating the shoes. The process is quite time-consuming and the customer must wait for several weeks to months before the shoes are completed. Moreover, there must be good quality control if the shoes are to meet customer needs and expectations.

  1. Expensive

Hiring a skilled shoemaker comes at a huge cost while the materials required to make high-quality bespoke shoes are also pricey. While most well-known shoe brands are mass-produced in order to reduce the overall production costs, bespoke shoes have to made separately and the shoemaker must cut, stitch and test the shoes by hand, resulting in a relatively high cost of production.

  1. Final result may not be guaranteed

While most bespoke shoes Singapore tends to be high-quality because they are crafted and produced by skilled and experienced shoemakers, not all shoemakers are remarkably good at their trade and the final result may not be guaranteed. Just like tailoring, the final bespoke shoe product depends on the skills, efforts and materials used by the shoemaker. Therefore, if for any reasons the shoemaker is not capable of delivering the requested design, stitching or patterns, the shoes will fail to meet customer expectations. Similarly, if the shoemaker chooses to cut the material costs, the shoes produced may not be long-lasting or may just not deliver quality as good as mass-produced shoes.


Bespoke shoes Singapore are ideal for individuals who need some form of customization in their shoes, including those with foot disorders and those who desire to make fashion statements. However, the shoes are expensive and time-consuming to make, requiring patience and the selection of well-reviewed, reputable and experienced shoemakers in Singapore.

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