Packing Your Favorite Led Light Up Shoes When Traveling

When traveling its very important to pack your favorite items as well as your kids favorite toys. Now obviously you already know to pack your toothbrush and toothpaste. Packing a pair of their favorite led shoes is probably not as important to you as to your kids. Children see the world in a different way, so forgetting to pack their favorite toys or new pair of sneakers with you can be a disaster in their world.


What are light up shoes? They are sneakers with build in led lights like the ones we grew up with 20 years ago. The difference here is that these shoes now holster a rechargeable battery pack which powers the lights and the lights stay solid for hours whether or not you are using them. Why do kids love them? Aside from the fact that these led shoes come in numerous colors to match their current outfit, there is just something about flashing lights that kids are attracted to.


Why are these sneakers so awesome as your travel companion? These sneakers are amazing because when traveling anywhere if your kids are on a skateboard or


bike you know they are safe because the luminous light that the sneakers emit help oncoming traffic to see them at night. Also if you have a little kid or toddler and you are in a public mall abroad, its much easier to spot where you child is because his or her sneakers light up.


Why Glidekicks? Glidekicks offers one of the largest selections of LED light up shoes for Toddlers, little kids, adolescents, juniors, Women and Men. Their sneaker quality is very premium and their price is very affordable, other companies are charging over 100$ for the same shoes Glidekicks offers for $59.99 with free shipping. Don’t wait and pick one up today and you really wont regret it. I bought one for myself and my kids and they are just fantastic day in and day out.


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