Millennial Personal Branding

 In today’s digital landscape, personal brands can beat out corporate and business brands. It’s a question of human engagement. Personal brands can tell a story that audiences can relate to that are accessible and offer insights on the experience of the human journey.

In an age of digital natives, personal branding and becoming an online influencer is a means to social media advocacy and standing up for values we believe in. Millennials are championing causes through their sometimes sudden leaps to fame and online notoriety.

Whether your name is Cammi Pham, Daniela Andrade or Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto, your personal brand tells a story. Amateur influencers in their industries can achieve notoriety and thus influence their peers and digital followers in new ways.


In diverse urban landscapes our industry may also mirror the ethnic diversity of being a Millennial. Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto, is a Canadian and part of the ecosystem of more Mandarin/Cantonese (Chinese) speaking content online. Not only are Millennial brands diverse, they are hybrid in the scope of their role. An investment adviser may be my occupation, but I may do modeling, be a TV host, be a speaker, or even an activist in a given cause on the side such as Anastasia Lin.

Millennial influencers therefore are like celebrities in their own right, and their personal brand might play out on a diversity of channels each with their own audiences in my online reputation. Being thus Canadian and Chinese, might add value to a personal brand as in the case of Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto, of 2013. This is also what makes Millennial personal brands so engaging, as they represents cross-cultural stories of people younger audiences can relate to.

While not all of us are made to become an online influencer or have opportunities like working for Fairchild TV, as does Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto, it’s exciting to live in an age where communities, cultures and our online identity come together in a holistic way.

It’s inspiring in an age of social media that women may actually have branding gender advantage over men as being more marketable, have more personal brand staying power as compared to men, if our name is not Justin Trudeau. Congratulations then are in order, to the millennial brand ambassadors such as Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto.

Millennials are changing how online branding is done with an increased awareness of video and visual marketing at important to their online personas. Many amateur influencers recognize to be on LinkedIn is no longer enough, they need video content, Instagram, Snapchat and even content marketing to truly be exceptional and stand out in their industries where as people and professionals in the world, we are our own brand.


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