Men’s online shopping habits

The relationship of men and shopping are similar to that of water and oil. They do not mix well. But with rising ecommerce, the idea is gradually turning into a myth. Surveys conducted in various parts across the globe suggest that men’s online shopping spree has been on the rise.

With the increase in usage of Smartphone and tablet, the number of online shoppers has increased. Online retailers are thus keen to analyze men’s online shopping habits to maximize sales.

The following points seem significant in this context:

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  1. The intrinsic male nature

A survey was conducted in 2013 on two thousand British men. It revealed that, post 26 minutes of shopping, men get bored. Eighty percent of men did not enjoy shopping with their partners and forty five percent did not enjoy shopping at all.

Though the survey was primarily focused on the brick and mortar store consumers, the finding is significant in understanding men’s online shopping habits as well. The study indicates that men like doing things fast. They usually do not gather or, assemble a gamut of objects post minute scrutiny and then select the most appropriate by process of elimination. They visit the store, look for the relevant item, select it and buy.

History says men had a natural instinct for hunting for survival. They would kill an animal and bring it home for food. While hunting is now prohibited, the instinct to complete a task in minimum time remains.

With the advent of Smartphone and tablet, men can now shop even faster. Buying has become easier with only a few clicks. Hence, there is a rise noted in men’s online shopping.

  1. Adaptability to technology

As per Business Insider, shopping on the mobile is more appealing for men.  Men have a fetish for technology. This reflects in men’s online shopping pattern as well. Using latest technology to ease life is enjoyed by most men. It is even better if the boredom of shopping gets cut on the large screen of his device while on the go. Through mobile apps, retailers can spice up men’s online shopping experience.

  1. Searching habits

Unlike women who enjoy shopping, most of the men shop when a need arises. The likely situations which may compel a man to buy can be a stern look from his wife or, girlfriend owing to a hole in the sock, a ripped shirt collar, a torn trouser etc. As such a male consumer is generally well aware of his requirement and searches online for the specific products. Brands are less significant as a search option for men’s online shopping.

  1. Accomplishments matter

Men are target oriented shoppers. Most men consider shopping as a mission and are likely to savor a sense of accomplishment once the task is over. They would thus seek relevant data regarding the required product, may look up its uses online and simply buy. The first product to match a man’s need is likely the last product searched for and the final product bought.  The lower the numbers of pages that need to be viewed prior to purchase, happier is the male consumer. Men’s online shopping habits disclose that discounts, coupons, promotional mailers are less likely to lure male consumers.  Men’s online shopping is gaining popularity as time taken in closing a deal is lesser.

Men have a natural inclination towards use of gadgets. Hence, analysis of men’s online shopping habits can give a significant insight to gain a lion’s share in cyber markets.

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