Matching your Home to your Personal Style 

What you wear and how you wear it says a lot about you.  While there are numerous ways to successfully pull off a certain look, this style does inherently give people first impressions about the type of person you are. Your home and interior décor works the same way.   When you have visitors to your place of residence, the first thing they notice is how you decorate your interior as well how your home appears on the outside.  This is associated on some level with they perceive you as a person.  Here are some tips for matching your own personality to your home’s appearance.


Start on the outside: We’ll touch on accentuating colors and bringing out natural beauty in a moment, but the first thing you start with when it comes to styling your home’s exterior is its general upkeep.  The only perception people will have of you and your personal style is that it is lazy, abnormal, and lethargic if the exterior is unkempt.  This can be apparent in cracked windows, stripped siding and paint, and dirty or sagging roofs to name a few.  Professionals like the ones found here can set you on the right path to a well-maintained home exterior.  Once this has been taken care of, consider what colors match your style. Generally, neutral colors are the best bet for all exterior purposes.  This doesn’t mean it has to be boring.  Contrast white and gray painted siding or brick with dark colors on your doors and shutters.  This indicates a sophisticated style in today’s world.  For louder personality types, lighter blues, reds, oranges, and yellows can look great depending how they are used.

Move inside: While the exterior is for first impressions of general style, your home’s interior provides a much greater array of options when it comes to matching your own fashion style.  You can choose from classic, traditional, southern, modern chic, and ultra-contemporary to name a few.  Now what we’re not saying is that if occasionally fancy yourself some leopard print underwear then all of your décor should be leopard print as well.  The point we’re trying to get across is that for the extroverted personality types try more boastful interior designs.  Shyer types tend to stick more with classic styles, which can still be modern, but indicate you have a good eye for styles that will always be popular and classy.  Regardless, this style can match your fashion sense no matter which route you want to take. Personal style says a lot about you, its time your home does the same!

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