Maple Syrup – a better alternative to Sugar

A 100 percent natural sweetener which is considered to be more in nutritional value and healthier than the conventional sweetener sugar, maple syrup is one of most marketable sweeteners in use today.

Maple syrup is prepared from the sweet sap (a sugary circulating fluid) from the maple tree; the sap is extracted from the tree and then boiled down to prepare maple syrup. This process has not changed and is the most common method to produce maple syrup.

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Maple syrup is the best alternative to the sugar and should be used in moderation to reap the best benefits –

  • A maple syrup contains high amount of nutrients and fruitful antioxidants which are not present in sugar that removes potentially harmful oxidizing agents present in human body.
  • A maple syrup contains equal amount of sucrose present in sugar but it supplies overall a lesser amount to your diet in addition to useful nutrients.
  • It is low on glycaemia index which metabolises blood glucose levels in the body which in turn does not shoot up insulin levels in future keeping diabetes at check.
  • Using maple syrup in moderation can cure people from various diseases like cancer; osteoporosis and can provide an improved immunity simultaneously enhancing the glow of your skin.

Maple syrup is mostly confined to North American region as it enjoys the climate suited to its production with Canada being the source of 80 percent of total production of maple syrup in the world.

Maple direct syrup is one such organisation based in Canada which engages in the production and wholesale maple syrup distribution business. It is one such company which has created a significant market for itself in a competitive field of maple syrup distribution in Canada.

Maple direct syrup believes in delivering the best sweetener to people in the form of maple service through dedicated supply chain and well networked stores across the country.

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