Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto Learns the Importance of the Six Sigma

For an investment advisor such as Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto, the six sigma is a business strategy aimed at improving the quality of the products and services that are offered by a company are crucial for her to learn. When a company has high quality products and service, this allows them to increase the company’s market share. The six sigma was invented by Motorola when they realized they had to initiate in order to keep up with its Japanese rivals. The first step that the company took was by improving its processing by eliminating defects. Sigma means process deviates from perfection and that’s exactly what the company needed to do. In order for this process to work, the management team at all levels of the organization must be involved. The following are the 8 key elements of business process management defined by Eckes in order to assure the sigma six processes:

Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto

  1. Creation and agreement of strategic business objectives.
  2. Creation of core, key sub- and enabling processes.
  3. Identification of process owners.
  4. Creation and validation of the key measures of effectiveness and efficiency for each process.
  5. Collection of data on agreed dashboards.
  6. Creation of project selection criteria.
  7. Using the project selection criteria for project selection.
  8. Continual management of the processes to achieve strategic objectives of the organization.

When Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto is aware of all of these, it allows her to provide better service. Always making sure that your employee are all into the new trends and knowing what can be done to provide a better service or manufacture products that are of quality is important to maintain a positive image for the company. With the six sigma, Mandy Liang will be able to achieve this and she can help the other employees and staff know about the six sigma as well.

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