Today I’d like to tell you why you should always look good. It’s very important thing and it can dramatically change your life. I know that image or your appearance in general can make or break you, it can make such a big impact on your life!

I know this is a lot of work, you should spend enough time to choose a look, to do your makeup and hair. But it will help you, just trust me!

If it was easy, everyone in the world would do it, but they are not doing it, right? So don’t spend your time to like other girls cool outfits on instagram, just make your own! Try to wear this with that or those with these, it’s easy, you just have to try, you will like it!

Giving an excuse “I don’t have the time” that everyone says…oh come on, we all have 24 hours in a day, we all have the same amount of time. Some people give another excuse “Oh, I have kids now, so I don’t have the time for myself”. That’s not the excuse even, because I have two kids and I CAN spend 20 minutes to make my look and a little makeup, it is not a problem, if you really want this! If you really respect yourself, if really wanna look good, you’ll give a priority.

look good

Image is 50% grooming and 50% your outfit. Grooming, I mean, to have your hair done, to have your nails done. So please, spend ten minutes to put some makeup on. I’m not telling you to put a lot of makeup, just something to refresh your face and maybe if you have dark circles you can put a bit of concealer, if you have totally pale face you can put a little of blush and bronzer.

I’ll tell you a little story that had happened to me. I’ve gone shopping in leggings and grey tee (I didn’t care about how I look), I was without any makeup. My mood was really bad, I even don’t know why. I decided to go home and wear something beautiful and put a little makeup. When I’ve done it I went to the shop and you just can’t imagine how many smiles I’ve received, every second person smiled at me and said “hello”, my mood was wonderful, everybody around me was happy, so my appearance had a huge influence on my mood and on other people’s mood. It is real, I don’t lie!

Remember, appearance talks. Appearance talks a lot about you. So please think about it, it doesn’t take a lot of time. Change your look and change your life!

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