Is it worth buying a bespoke wedding suit?

If you’ve never bought a bespoke suit before, like many men you might assume that bespoke tailoring is mainly the preserve of the super wealthy or celebrities. However this is not the case as bespoke tailoring is becoming increasingly popular and accessible, with bespoke tailors popping up in towns and cities throughout the UK. There’s no getting around the issue of price though as bespoke tailoring is undeniably more expensive than buying off-the-peg or, dare I say it, hiring a suit but as your wedding day is likely to be one of the most important occasions in your life, is it worth buying a bespoke wedding suit?

A wedding offers the ideal opportunity to go bespoke and the chances are that if you’ve already had several fruitless high street shopping trips, the thought of getting measured up and buying a bespoke suit might start to seem very appealing, regardless of the cost.

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Made to measure or bespoke?

If you’ve never had a suit made for you before, the process can seem intimidating and confusing but the world of men’s tailoring has changed beyond all recognition over the last decade or so and with a number of high street names and ‘travelling tailors’ such as Norton and Townsend getting in on the act, buying a bespoke suit should prove to be a relatively enjoyable experience.

Tailoring jargon can be off-putting in itself and if you’re confused about the difference between bespoke or made to measure, I’ll explain what these terms mean. First and foremost, bespoke and made to measure are definitely not the same things!

A bespoke suit is developed and made from scratch according to your exact measurements. Your measurements will be taken by an experienced tailor who will also take into account your body shape and gait, before creating a unique paper pattern that is exclusive to you. This means that the finished suit will fit you perfectly, regardless of your shape.

Made to measure suits are typically created using a standard block pattern whose measurements are based upon the average shape of the average man. Alterations will be made to ensure the suit fits your measurements, but the big difference is that it won’t have been made to fit your body and to suit your gait and shape. Made to measure suits tend to suit men with a ‘normal’ body shape but if you are on the skinny or large side, for example, the end result just won’t look as good as bespoke.

At the end of the day you really do get what you pay for and whilst there’s no doubt than deciding to choose a made to measure suit offers an advantage in terms of price, it’s important to be aware of the limitations of made to measure.

Any tailor worth their salt will be upfront about whether they offer a bespoke or made to measure service but if they don’t mention it, don’t be embarrassed to ask. If you come across a tailor who tries to persuade you that bespoke and made to measure are the same things you should take your custom elsewhere.

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Look your best on your wedding day

In my career as a wedding planner I’ve worked with countless grooms, helping them to plan and then choose what they’re going to wear on their big day. Whilst bespoke is the more expensive option, I tend to feel that when it comes to your wedding day, nothing quite beats the feeling of confidence and style that wearing a bespoke offers. Don’t worry about outshining the bride as, let’s face it, whatever you wear the majority of the compliments will be directed towards her dress, but by buying a bespoke suit you’ll be investing in a unique garment that you’ll be incredibly proud to wear.

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