Important of Scrub hats in the medical world

Scrub hats, or scrub caps, over the course of time has turned from merely functional item to personalized accessory. Prior to 1940’s it wasn’t a compulsory accessory to be worn during the surgeries in the operating room and for other medical services. But during 1940’s and 50’s the focus shifted towards the hygiene and antiseptic factor. The scrub hats became the standard as well as compulsory items used for protecting the patients in hospitals and clinics from the germs that transfer through hair.  Full-face hats were also introduced for the men with beards.


Scrub hats are mainly for the people with long hair. The hat prevents any contamination to be caused by the germs and other foreign particles that tend to get transferred from the head of the doctor to that of the patient. The hats have a ribbon tie facility that ensures its placement over the doctor’s head firmly. It must be cleansed with cold water time and again for easy care.

In the medical world, during the ‘revolution’ of the 1970’s, a several number of medical professionals owning their personal scrubs either by the means of self-sewed hats or pre-made scrub hats created using fabrics with different patterns on it. Over the time there are several styles that became popular such as Classic ‘bouffant’ scrub hat, Ponytail style scrub hat, the ‘milkmaid’, the ‘Euro’, bonnet-style tie back wrap-around scrub cap and a utilitarian hairnet-like hat to name a few.

The hats are available for both women as well as men in the markets at affordable prices. If you are in search of men’s scrub hats you have a large range of choices available out three starting from plain and antiseptic colored to colorful ones with unique prints, guaranteed comfort and high quality of construction.

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IF you are a doctor, surgeon, nurse, or any other medical professional, you got to spend much of your working timewith scrub hats on. In such a case only a scrub hat that offers maximum comfort yet stylish will do. Harmony’smen’s scrub hatsare designed in order to maximize your comfort and yet let you express your personality through great style. Here you get widest ranges of scrub hats that cater to different styles and tastes.

Harmony is the maker of high quality surgical scrub hats, which lets you enjoy the practical, simple designs while expressing your peppy personality. Wearing the surgical scrub hats will be an action that will be truly appreciated by the patients in the midst of a sterile environment.

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