Today I’d like to tell you all my little secrets about how to actually shop online. How to choose clothes you like, how to choose clothes that will fit you and how to get them at the cheaper price. So let’s start!

First of all use pinterest. There you can find what you like, what colors you like, what style and so on. Because online shopping can be frustrating without knowledge what are you really looking for. For me is very easy to shop online because I choose black and white and go. But for you it can be much more difficult.

Second rule. Know what fits you like. Really pay attention when you try pieces on, what fits you like, what make you feel comfortable, because then when you see pieces online you can find something nice at “romwe clothing” and identify what they are being like “no, I don’t like that dress looks on me”. For example I like my legs, but I don’t like my torso, so I choose high-wasted jeans, shorts and skirts because they show my legs and hide my torso.


Number three. Look at size charts. Because sizes can be different so you should see all the table of sizes, it will help you.

Four. Look what size is the model wearing. Models usually wear a simple size like UK 8/ EU 36/ US 4, but remember that models are very skinny and their actual size is xSmall, so you should choose larger.

Five. Pay attention to how does it look on the model. Seriously, I see every time that extremely short dresses on that models, so are you kidding? I’m very tall and if I’ll wear this dress it will be like “Oh, I forgot to wear my jeans, sorry”.

Than think how you will wear it. If you liked some shirt, but you have no pants to wear with it, don’t buy it! Or buy this shirt and jeans or trousers that will look good with this shirt.

Number seven. Do you have something similar? You can be inspired by looks you see in some online shop but think twice, if you already have a similar piece you can just copy this or that outfit without spending your money!

Eight. Check other sites. And don’t tell me that there are not other sites, that your site is the best, you don’t like other and so on. Because on another site you can find something you’ve liked on your website, but it will be less expencive.

Nine. Save money with “ebates”.  This site had saved my life, it’s the site about shopping online and it also pays you to shop online (!). It has promocodes for websites on that you are shopping online already, also it shows pieces that are with huge discount prices and oh, I love this website, just believe me and check.

So I hope now you will shop online faster, easier and without spending huge amount of money!

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