How to Pick the Right Handbag to Compliment Your Dress?

It’s the age old dilemma. You’re rocking the hottest dress this season. Your makeup is matched perfectly and you’ve picked out a stunning jewelry combo. Still, you can’t make up your mind about the last little detail: your handbag! We’ll make it easy for you to choose the perfect purse with a few simple rules.

Play with Color

Choosing complimentary and contrasting colors is sure to make your dress pop! The perfect bag should match or compliment specific elements of an outfit. Always avoid matching solid colors with other solids in the same shade. It may seem like a great idea to match your red dress with the red purse, but there are so many better options that won’t risk leaving your accessories going unnoticed.

Patterned purses look great with simple and elegant dresses. They provide a fun and interesting focal point for the eye. For your multicolored outfits and florals, choose a simpler purse in a new color that matches the tone of your dress or another matching color.


Remember Where You’re Going

Some dresses are perfect whether you’re going out, headed to work, or at a wedding. Some purses are not. Don’t mix casual with elegant. Just like a purse with a lot of glamour will look out of place in your overalls, don’t ruin a gorgeous dress with the wrong purse.

Canvas bags and purses with buckles are some of the more casual types you should leave at home when you’re in your classiest get up. Special events often call for fine fabrics like satin or a touch of glamour with glitters or rhinestones. When in doubt, level up and choose from a bag with a more polished look.

Keep Your Closet Stocked

Set yourself up for success by having a varied collection of cute bags. Scope out great deals for high quality bags like the ones you’ll find at to keep your options growing. Having a purse for every occasion will take a lot of the stress out of picking the best handbag and you’ll never grow tired of your selection.

Neutral bags like those in browns/tans, black, and white look great with just about every dress in your closet.If you often need bags in different sizes, be sure to keep different styles in each size so you’ll never be without great choices. Variety will keep your dress looking new and exciting every time you wear it.

Stay on Trend

Certain styles will always look great with similar counterparts. Boho bags like ones with tassles, quilting, and leathers go in and out of style always. These look great with the boho chic trend of flowy and earthy dresses or festival wear but not much else. If your wardrobe stays ahead of the curve, your handbags should too.

Don’t Be Afraid to Break the Rules

Most importantly, dare to go against the grain. When done right, people love an interesting new take on accessorizing. When you’ve found a great new match let your creativity show and keep your eye on new and exciting styles to have fun with.

How do you pick the right handbag to compliment your dress?

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