How to maintain your favorite Rolex?

Rolex watches are a sign of status symbol of affluent men. Men who are luxurious by nature will definitely own a watch that can define their style statement. For maintaining Rolex watches in workable condition, they need to be serviced at regular intervals. Rolex watches are such that they remain pride for all men who wear it and there is a need for awareness about cautions and services. Please watch repair estimate on the service displays of the center and the range starts from $395, which is quite affordable for the user. The service would ensure that you do not require spending on your Rolex before 3 years.


Maintenance offers for Rolex

For Rolex to remain in working condition there is a need for Rolex service at regular interval and the services offered are below:

  • The services involve complete cleaning, polishing of the external covering of the Rolex so that they retain their luster. The luxurious outlook of the watch remains in new condition after service.
  • The overhauling services involve sparing all the internal parts of the watch for repair work to maintain the efficiency and working of the watch.
  • The watches are delivery insured so that the service provider bears the cost if any damage is caused during shipping. Almost 99 percent of the deliveries are made through shipping and safely handed over to the user.
  • The watch undergoes moisture test so that watch remains waterproof during the service period. The Rolex watches are waterproof but after certain period, there may be exterior distortions, which may allow water to enter the inner parts. The service ensures that the watch remains water intact.
  • Service is recommended for every 3 years for maintaining them in good condition. The service provider ensures that the service span is swift to satisfy clients.
  • Rolex undergoes pressure test to assure user that it is free from wear and tear and external pressure.

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