How to Drape Dupatta with A Twist

Did you know there are many ways to wrap a dupatta over your kurti to glam up your whole outfit?

Dupatta is not just a plain accessory but if rightly used, it can accentuate your whole outfit and uplift your plain, boring kurti entirely. Whether you are going for a casual outing or a romantic date, if dupatta is carried with a twist it will instantly make you stand apart from the crowd.

We will help you in guiding about different ways to drape your dupatta with a twist and exude different style statements –

  1. Anarkali Dupatta wrap

When dupatta is draped with Anarkali kurti on the sideways, it will not only make you look an effortless diva but will complete your traditional look as well. It is the most common way of putting a dupatta yet looks every bit classy. It is an easy and sleek way to pair dupatta with the kurti and let it hang loose. You can pin it up so that it stays in place.


Image source: Shoppers Stop

  1. Pinned Vest drape

Looking for ladies kurtis with a vest? Well, search no more. We will guide you in creating your own vest out of dupatta. Absolutely no need to shell out extra on a vest. Pick a bordered dupatta, drape it across your shoulders and pin it up in the center around your waist. Voila, you are done! This bold style of draping dupatta like a vest is a serious stunner. You can show off your fabulous dupatta over any traditional outfit be it plainkurti or lehenga without looking conventional or boring.


  1. Patiala style front drape

The front draping of dupatta makes anyone look sultry and elegant at the same time. The key is to lay your dupatta on both of your shoulders. Rest you can keep the ends of the dupatta in hands. Remember to look for a deep cut kurti online so that the dupatta can be worn below your neck for that timeless look. You can pair your kurti with salwar or leggings and pick a dupatta which is high on embroidery to show it off completely in this style.


  1. Arm Candy wrap

If you want to look modish and fun, this is the one style that will compliment your kurti the most. Simply drape the dupatta like your arm candy, the same way you carry your handbag. The best thing is you do not need to pin it up and you can simply play around with it. It lets your dupatta hang off to one side and drape your arm in a way that it gives the sleeve effect.

  1. The Inverted loop wrap

This style looks so amazing especially when you are pairing your kurti with loose palazzo pants. This look is a favorite one to be seen in celebrity weddings. You don’t have to show your dupatta off only by draping it on the front. This contemporary way of draping dupatta involves looping it behind your shoulders and across your back. The swooping effect over your arm adds a touch of regality and elegance.

So experiment with your dupattastyle this summer and channel your desifashionista vibe right. Your dupatta style will be the center of focus wherever you will go and yeah don’t forget to teach some to your friends.

Pick from a range of women’s kurtis online for yourself and start playing around with a matching dupatta. Whether you pick heavy embroidered, embellished or plain ones, you are sure to receive compliments for your dupatta draping style.

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