How often do you buy shoes for your kids?

Shopping for kids’ shoes can be very tricky. This is because they grow up so fast and so do their feet. Unlike adults who are able to maintain the same shoe size for the rest of their lives, children change shoe sizes more frequently as their feet grow. Not being able to address this fact can put a toll on your kids’ health, as their feet serve to maintain the balance of their body weight as they move.

So as a parent, how do you deal with this? How often do you buy girls or boys’ shoes?

If you are having issues on how to shop for your kids’ shoes, then here are some tips:


  1. Check out the children’s feet growth charts.

A lot has been written about how fast children’s feet grow, and it would be better if you are familiar with it. This is for you to make good estimates on when to buy new shoes without going beyond your budget.

For kids ages 1-3, their feet can be expected to grow at 1.55mm per month, or around three-fourths of an inch every year. Meanwhile, toddlers aged 3-6 have an average foot growth of up to 1mm per month, or around half an inch per year.

Children ages 6-10 meanwhile also have their feet grow up to 1mm per month, and by the time they enter puberty their foot growth slows down by only an additional 2-10% of their current size.

  1. Expect to change shoes every six months.

If you are raising infants and toddlers, the frequency of changing shoes is about every three to six months. This is because this is the time when your kids are growing the fastest, and after a matter of time their feet no longer fit on their shoes.

This is where you have to keep tabs on your children’s growing up process. It is good that you measure their feet on a regular basis so that you are aware on which shoe size to buy whenever it is needed.

  1. Review shoe charts for size allowances.

It can be a waste of money when you buy a new pair of shoes each time your child outgrows the shoes he is wearing. What you can do here however is to review the shoe size charts and see the size allowances that you can go for when anticipating the growth of your child’s feet.

Getting to know not only the size of the shoe, but also the allowances of the shoe size helps a lot not only in getting better value for money as you shop for shoes, but these allowances likewise give better room for your child’s feet to grow.

There are also other fitting technologies that you can check out, so that you are able to better gauge the size of your child’s feet and how big it will grow within the succeeding months. Through these mechanisms, you are able to give your child the right shoes to wear, and care for their feet at the same time.

  1. Let them wear open-toe sandals.

Another way monitor the growth of your child’s feet is by making them wear open-toe sandals. Open-toe sandals are comfortable and allow the kids to move around without feeling stiff. This type of footwear is also very versatile and can be worn with various outfits.

A key reason why open-toe sandals are recommended is that you can easily check whether the child’s feet no longer fit securely in it. Once you notice the change, then you know it’s already time to get a new pair of boy’s shoes.

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