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You would come across Mannequins at clothing stores, jewelry stores, and shopping malls. It is available in various forms. You can opt for full sized dummy resembling man, women, children, headless torsos, kegs, head, neck, hand, or any other specific part. Mannequins are made from several materials like wax, plaster, wood, fiber glass, etc.


You can use mannequin to display multiple merchandise

Mannequin can be used only to display one suit or dress. But it can be used to display multiple accessories like shoes, jewelry, handbags, hats, watches, and more.

Creatively displaying merchandise on mannequin can also help in generating interest about the same among your existing customers and potential customers.  In fact, people may even spend more time at your store while staring at all the accessories displayed with the help of mannequins.

When it comes to expressing fashion attitudes along with different merchandise, mannequin can prove to be the best blank canvas. Mannequins used in school-themed display are best suited for targeting teenagers, while mannequins in country-themed display can prove to be perfect for folksy merchandise.  You can also use them as part of urban-theme store display for displaying modern merchandise.

Glimpse of what’s in store

There are several benefits offered by mannequins, and they are perhaps the best business tool any retail store can own.

Every store wants to give intimate and realistic experience about how their merchandise would look on man or woman. This is where mannequin prove to be the perfect solution.

Dresses that are simply displayed on hanger or simply folded up in store’s display are most likely to be considered unflattering by customers. But when they are placed on mannequin, customers get basic idea about how they would look after being worn by someone.

Should not be placed as object of obstacle

Mannequins should be placed in such a way that they do not act like an obstacle or block customers’ way while entering or exiting the shop.

If you plan to use mannequins to display garments, it is advisable to not to use unnecessary pins. This will help in avoiding damages.

Make sure that mannequins are cleaned and maintained because unwanted stains and dirt spots would also impact your store’s image.  Clean them on a daily basis.  If possible, change their position every week.  Change the merchandise or clothes displayed on the unit according to the season.


Factors to be considered while selecting Mannequin

It is advisable to first consider the type of merchandise that you wish to display on mannequins.  Select the shape, size or type of mannequins accordingly. Don’t opt for the one that is too heavy.

If you wish to use mannequins to display scarves, jewelry, or hats, it is advisable to opt for mannequin head instead of full mannequin.

As mentioned earlier, mannequins are made from a variety of materials. You can choose the material depending on the climatic conditions in your city. But plaster and wood options are some of the most sold.

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