Guidelines For Choosing the Right Bag For Every Occasion

A woman’s bag has been known to be one of her greatest possessions, indeed for most women their bags are very close to their hearts! Therefore it is important that you spoil yourself with a bag you absolutely love. However, you also want to have the right bag for the right occasion and outfit. It would be terrible to have a great outfit with a very unsuitable bag.

When selecting what bag to buy, try getting prices online for the sale of wholesale bags, because these will generally have better prices. You can get a trendy bag at a reasonable price but it can still look like a million dollars depending on how your combine it with your attire!


These are some areas to consider when choosing a bag:

  • If you are in the office or any other formal setting, it’s best to have a simple leather bag. It should have a plain bold color such as black and navy blue, not too big and not too small. This kind of bag is ideal for the serious setting in the office. However, you can always choose to be a bit ambitious and get a bag with a slightly brighter color like red, as long as it keeps you looking professional.
  • For casual occasions, such as out-door settings and parties, colorful bags made of more natural materials are suitable. Here you are free to have a bigger bag as it suits the occasion. Brighter colors will match perfectly with well-matched smart casual clothes. These types of bags tend to be better priced than the leather formal ones.
  • Evening events are a time to be as glamorous as you can, and the bag you choose should look absolutely fabulous! Your dazzling evening outfit should have an equally dazzling clutch bag to match. Clutches are excellent for all evening occasions and the more elegant and narrow they are the better. Never carry big, clumsy bags to evening events; they steal the radiance of the occasion.
  • Every now and then you will need to travel. The right travelling bag is essential to give you a peaceful trip to and from your destination. Most travelling bags have a sporty look and are rather big. Get an easy, relaxed bag which can carry all your items. It’s good to get a bag that is washable and made of soft fibers. This will help you to maintain it easily and keep it clean for each time you travel. For travelling bags, you are free to get as many exciting colors as you want.
  • There are some specific bags that are just as dazzling as evening wear clutches. These are ethnic bags. Most ethnic outfits are superbly colorful. It only follows that the bags for this type of outfits are equally colorful and tend to havea lot of unique shapes and designs. This is a bag that you can totally enjoy, simply because it’s the most unique and flexible!

Bags are a great accessory, its every woman’s closest friend, so you may as well have one you totally love!


Carla Whittier is a fashion designer with seven years’ of experience in the field. She specializes in selling designer bags and shoes.  You can buy wholesale bags in her online store. Visit her website for more details.

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