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Maple syrup is the sweet juice that is made from the sap of maple trees. They aid in the conservation of the healthy lifestyle of any individual by replacing the processed sugars in the daily diet. They also add a variation in the taste to a number of food items as an accompaniment. They are used as glazes and barbeque sauces for meat and poultry products because they add a certain depth to the item’s taste factor.

Season of production of maple syrup

The maple season is a very short one and last only for a few weeks. It starts with the start of the spring season. It is during this time, that the trees are tapped to extract the sap from which maple syrup is later processed.

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Areas of production of maple syrup

The original indigenous maple syrup is produced in a very diminutive area of North America. Canada contributes in production of as much as 71 per cent of the maple syrup whereas the USA forms a minor contributor in this regard. The main Canadian provinces which are the main producers of maple syrup are:

  • New Brunswick
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Ontario
  • Nova Scotia
  • Quebec, etc.

Factors affecting the production of maple syrup

The production of any natural product is affected by the locally prevalent factors. Likewise, the production of maple syrup also depends on the following elements:

  • Genetic predisposition of the tree
  • Soil fertility and quality
  • Prevailing weather conditions
  • Health of the tree from which the extraction is done.

Maple syrups are graded roughly into four grades based on the colour of the product. This gradation mainly depends on the time of tapping of the trees for sap. A tree tapped towards the end of the harvesting season produces dark coloured syrups. Also the taste varies accordingly. Dark coloured ones taste stronger than the amber ones which are lighter in colour.

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