Five Mandatory Items to Get the Perfect Boho-Chic Outfit for the Summer

You probably heard many times now that the Boho-chic fashion style was once again revived, turning out to be all the rage as summer outfits go. But how can one dress up in this Boho fashion without looking out of place in a world dominated by street-smart casual outfits? And do you have to wear all those hair bands, hair flowers and silk turbans to actually pull off a Boho look?


Let’s get right down to business: the Boho style is versatile enough to allow plenty of variations. In fact, there are three main types of Boho fashion: the classic one, the romantic one, and the hippie one. These three main pillars led to the development of other intertwined styles, inspired by many other fashion trends. However, there are at least five mandatory items that make a true Boho look. Let’s get dressed head to toe and rock all summer parties!

1. A Headpiece

If you don’t feel like wearing flowers in your hair or a hair band, you can always opt for a silk head scarf, a floppy wide brimmed straw summer hat, a cool bandana or a silk turban – Liz Taylor style. Make sure you pick a pair of earrings that compliment your face features and flatter the headpiece as well. When you try on a headpiece, take your sunglasses with you – they should go great together.

2. A Boho-Style Staple Dress or Skirt

When it comes to Boho-fashion, there are some staple dresses or skirts you can pick from:

  • A slouchy summer maxi dress in floral, ethnic, tribal, abstract, brushstroke or marble prints in soft earthy colors.
  • A Boho-style staple Bardot dress which is usually midi in length and coming in an off-shoulder design, with flared long sleeves and vivid colors and prints.
  • A maxi summer skirt – color blocked – in warm earthy tones of red, olive and dark green, sweet neutrals like ivory, beige, browns, natural oranges, champagnes or aqua blues. If you pick such a maxi dress, pair it up with a white/neutral tank top or a slouchy tunic/blouse.

Keep in mind that all Boho-style dresses, skirts, and blouses need to be made of natural fabrics – one of the guiding principles of Boho fashion. Pick silk, lace, velvet, cotton, suede, leather, chiffon, wool, mohair and organza for a true Boho look.

3. Something Knitted or Crocheted

The Boho look is often described as oversized, slouchy, floating and comfortable. Another pillar of this style is knitted and crocheted items. In order to mix these two principles into a gorgeous Boho-chic outfit for the summer, wear an oversized crocheted see-through scarf, poncho, and cape or knee-long sleeveless vest over tank tops and maxi dresses. For chilly nights, wool, mohair, and cotton open knitted cardigans or sweaters will do the trick just fine.

  • As a supplemental styling trick, remember that Boho is all about layering fabrics and textures, so pick items in various lengths. Layer see through summery fabrics with thicker ones for texture contrast and get wrapped up in a natural soft wool shawl for a lovely night out.

4. Massive Chunky Jewelry and Accessories

One of the Boho staples is represented by jewelry and accessories. This particular style is very friendly and open-minded so you can mix and match virtually any type of jewelry as long as it doesn’t come from the “bling” family. We are talking about wooden bracelets, pearls, earth stones and crystals, metals, chains, leather and velvet accessories. Stacking bracelets is a form of art, but you can pull off a beautiful Boho look only with oversized gypsy earrings, stacked beads necklaces, charm bracelets, body chains and belts.

5. Slouchy Distressed Ankle Boots

Another Boho staple item, slouchy ankle booties in earthy colors go amazingly great with midi and maxi dresses, short and long jeans, silk outfits and crocheted cardigans as well. You need, however, summer booties to make the outfit work. They usually are flat or low-heeled, but you can, of course, rock some suede ankle boots in high heels as well.

  • If you don’t like to wear boots in summer, you can go for the next best thing in Boho fashion: Roman (Gladiator) sandals. They look cool and fashionable, and they can take you anywhere. You can pick the ankle-high ones for casual parties, knee-long ones that look fabulous with short jeans or high-heeled ones for a glamorous Boho-inspired outfit.

These five main items work amazingly to boost your Boho look without any effort. And if you took a close look at them, you already realized they are timeless pieces that can be adapted to any fashion trend and style, being able to rock all summers to come.

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