Finding Cheap Wedding Dresses

When you’re planning your wedding, almost everything you’ll need to buy is ridiculously expensive. For most couples, the single most expensive event you’ll ever host will we your wedding day. When it comes to items that are expensive to buy for your wedding, your wedding dress is probably near the top of the list. Other than your ceremony venue, reception hall, and wedding rings, your wedding dress is going to be by far the next most expensive item. Though you want to have a style that looks fabulous on you and don’t want to make too many compromises on the overall look, there are several things you can do to find cheap wedding dresses that still look very lovely.

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The biggest problem you’ll run into is that there aren’t as many stores selling wedding dresses as there are for other items you’ll need at your wedding. Most of the time you’ll need to go to a wedding shop specifically to find a dress to wear on your big day. When you’re shopping for flowers, wedding sparklers, napkins, or anything else you’ll use during your reception, you can find them at a wide variety of stores such as party outlets, dollar stores, and department stores. When shopping for a cheap wedding dress, you’ll need to look at places you may not have ever considered.

Thrift Store

One of the most underrated places to go shopping for any type of clothing is a thrift store; and wedding dress shopping is no exception. It probably wouldn’t be the first type of store that would pop into your head when thinking about shopping for a wedding dress, but you’d be surprised what shows up at their doorstep. The best part about shopping at a thrift store for your wedding dress is that the prices are pretty much as low as humanly possible. Since all the money goes to charity usually, they don’t need to mark up prices just because they can. Additionally, if you are looking for a vintage style wedding dress, thrift stores can be the best place to get that authentic look since most of what shows up there has been sitting in the back of a closet for a while.

Shopping Online

Shopping online can be another great way to get a good price on your wedding dress. Since online stores don’t have overhead costs like leasing a retail space or paying salespeople and clerks, they can usually afford to pass a good amount of savings onto their customers. Though you can find amazing prices and a huge selection on the internet, shopping online doesn’t come without its hang-ups. Since you aren’t physically holding the dress in your hands, you can’t try it on or look at how it hangs off of your body. Since you probably want to look amazing on your wedding day, sometimes its worth the extra money to try the dress on in person.



If you’re like me, you have a mother and sisters who have been hanging onto their dress since they tied the knot. Better than even a cheap price on a wedding dress, borrowing one from a parent or sibling means that you can look fabulous for absolutely no money at all. The main issue is that you won’t get a choice in the style of the dress, but many brides can live with that fact since they aren’t paying a single dime. Also, it can be very nostalgic to wear a hand-me-down dress versus buying a brand new one; especially if it belonged to your mother or grandmother.

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